Top 12 Reasons for AirPort

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  1. Easier than acting like a human dust mop above your rafters to string ethernet cable.

  2. Renters can’t (shouldn’t?) tear up the walls of their home/apartment.
  3. When you move, did you honestly plan on pulling out all the cabling & connectors that you invested in? NO – you’re going to buy all-new stuff for the new place, because it’s too much trouble!
  4. Nothing beats the ‘cool’ factor of surfing the web from the couch with your laptop and a TV dinner.
  5. Your VCR has a remote control; why shouldn’t the whole internet?
  6. Cabling is ugly!
  7. Since you’re going to buy a DHCP router anyway, it may as well be wireless!
  8. When friends visit, should you have to worry about where you stowed that crossover cable?
  9. When your PC friends visit, you can remind them that Apple’s Airport cost only $99!
  10. If your next-door neighbor has it configured improperly, you might get free broadband!
  11. Three words: Wireless Pod Racer!
  12. Many airports (the kind that people use to get to far-off places like Newark) are installing 802.11b connectivity in their terminals for travellers; can libraries, local governments, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and Saturn dealerships be far behind?
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