Not that there’s anything wrong with that (or, why the Minimum Wage isn’t going to be enough to save our children’s generation)

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“Dear Congressman,


My name is Eboneesha, an African-American girl who just got an award for being the best speler in class. I got 67% on the speling test and 30 points for being black, 5 points for not bringing drugs into class, 5 points for not bringing guns into class, and 5 points for not getting knocked-up during the cemester. It hard to beat a score of 120%. The white dude who sit next to me is McGee from the Bronx. He got a 94% on the test but no extra points on account of the have the same skin color as the opressirs of 150 years ago. Granny ax me to thank all Dimocrafts and Liberals for supporting afermative action. You vote showd the way to fair turn for everbody.

Yo fren,

The point is not that this girl is ‘doing it wrong’; the point is that no one has really helped her hit the right path. This story is a joke; but it might as well have been written by anyone (of any color, size, or ethnicity) that grew up in several of ths schools I attended as a teen.

From what I am learning about our competency rates now, I’m thinking that it’s getting much worse — not better.

I can’t blame the teachers; I’ve met some good ones. But the mandatory curriculum and chosen textbooks are laughable.


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