Where the heck are my Apple logo stickers?

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Many who have been staunch proponents of the MacOS for years are accustomed to many simple pleasures; one of which has been the handful of Apple logo stickers shuffled in with the user manual, CD-ROMs, registration card, and other assorted goodies (the ever-popular AOL disk?).

More recently, we have received a non-adhesive version that stays put by static cling. Apple hardware comes with the white, adhesive variety (the new OS X package doesn’t include the any decals at all).

Here’s hoping that some kind soul at Apple will recognize good free advertising when it sees it and begin to provide white static-cling Apple decals in the first boxed update/revision of X.

Anyone who scans the parking lot where I work will see more than a dozen six-color Apple logos in rear windows, and perhaps three of the white variety. The static-cling type wins hands-down; maybe they disappeared because of Apple’s move away from the six-color logo. Anybody listening?

Dan Oblak

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