VOTERS… Did the Result of your Actions match up with your Intentions?

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I am a firm believer that voters get what they vote for — not what they’re promised. The meat of this is that those voters who are informed make better decisions than those who are swayed by soundbites and ideological ‘stars’ promoted by Hollywood Elites, popular musicians, and professional talking heads. When a self-serving political figure acts to further an agenda that does not match what he/she ‘sold’ to the Electorate, that politician can’t be ‘faulted’ for their behavior — they are just doing what they set out to do, and the teaming masses fell for their sales pitch.

No, the real fault lies at the feet of the voters who not only throw their vote down the crap-hole by not seeking, finding, and supporting true Public Servants — there is always a percentage of voters who are easily fooled into actively supporting ‘leaders’ who have, and will continue to until ousted, worked diligently to destroy communities for the sake of secondary (and often obscured) agendas.

It’s at these happily-ignorant voters that my rant is aimed…

When you voted for #Change, was it because you were an ignorant adult shirking your responsibility to be informed, or were you hoping that it would keep people from seeing you as a #Racist, or did you think that it was impossible for #Politicians to lie, or did you think that #Math was not as important as #SocialJustice, or did you think that none of your friends would remember that it is #YourFault that they have now lost their job, their #HealthCare, their #House, and their #FinancialSecurity ? More importantly, WHAT are you going to DO about all the damage you caused in the last #election? Are you still going to use slanderous and crude sexual terms to mock those who want #LessTaxation and #MoreRepresentation? If you choose to #VoteConservative next time, will you do it quietly or will you #Evangelize like you did for the #GreatEnabler?


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