When the People Revolt, because their Rulers are Revolting

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I want everyone to take a moment a look at what American ‘Progressives’ are trying to accomplish. Someday, if things go well for them, all we will have as a last resort against a government that has ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO CARE what the people want or need, will be slingshots and BB guns.

The very term ‘Progressive’ is a purposeful lie — Statism is what they seek. They believe that individuals are less worthy of rights than the mob. And when the mob has the uniforms, the guns, the tanks, our healthcare, our transportation system, our banking system, out very economy — in their grip — well, it will be a little silly then to start talking about term limits, won’t it?

We have the Bill of Rights because most states would not sign off on the rest of the Constitution until they were added. But you knew that, right?

Iron Mike Norton
“This is a photo I pulled from a set showing the recent violence in Ukraine. Those of you who are much smarter than me, will probably notice the same thing I did….these poor folks are defending their country with air guns.

“The man in front is clearly holding an air rifle. The man behind him is holding what looks to be the very same Crossman BB/Pellet gun I used to shoot with my cousins as a kid.

“If this doesn’t explain why gun control is IMMORAL, I don’t know what it is gonna take. Ukraine has been a “gun free” zone for years, mostly because the government convinced the people this day would never come. According to statistics, one in six Ukrainians owns a firearm, and most are illegal according to current Ukrainian law.

“What you end up with is citizens trying to defend themselves with BB guns and hundreds of people dead at the hands of government. So much for the “humanitarian” argument of the gun control lobby. Disarming a man will NEVER make him safe.”


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