The Same Two Hours, Remembered Twice a Day…

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At the office, I stop to think about my wife at least twice a day, no matter how hectic my schedule, no matter how heavy my workload, no matter how divided my attention is.

I eat almost every daytime meal out of a bowl I made on a date we had at many years ago.  I hadn’t been very enthusiastic about getting my hands dirty; but was eager for the time spent with her – and it really did turn out to be fun.

So, now I’m reminded of not just my Love, but of the two hours of that specific date on that one occasion, every single day.

If any two hours of our lives can become so important, and we never know which two hours it will be… maybe we should diligently and desperately seek ways to spend as many as possible of our ‘two hours’ with our Someones.

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