If you see a ‘story’ going around that the Vatican has given up on waiting for Jesus’ second coming…

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Folks, this story originated from a ‘satire’ or ‘spoof news’ site… and is being picked up by more ‘legitimate’ news feeds. Don’t feed the chaos; google up a story if it sounds too odd to be true… chances are, it’s just more guano con queso. Spreading things that may be a stumbling block to others, just because it’s ‘funny’, is not of God. It’s … of the ‘other guy’.

In the case of this particular site (which I’m not even going to link to here), if you step out one level to their home page, you’ll see that all the other articles are ALSO written with one objective in mind: To hurt someone’s feelings or at least mock someone’s ideology.

Do not cast pearls (your time, attention, worries) before the porcine variety of intarwebz trolls.

P.S.: I should offer my own disclaimer here… I do actually enjoy good satire. But to me, it has to be obvious that it’s not true, for it to be funny, and some of these sites are not playing off these stories in that way. Here’s one of my own, that may actually ruffle some feathers; but is obviously not intended to mislead people:IN CASE OF RAPTURE... BUMPER STICKER …which is a spoof of a very common bumper sticker that I have been seeing in the wild my entire life (so, I’m not actually mocking the idea of the Rapture, which wouldn’t make any sense unless I were a rude atheist, I guess; I’m mocking the original bumper sticker…):In case of rapture bumper stickers Rapture Bumper Sticker …AND, it appears that I’m not the only one with the same sideways glance at this meme:WARNING: IN CASE OF THE RAPTURE THIS CAR WILL B... BUMPER STICKER [I Thessalonians 4:16-17]
[Eschatology – ‘study of the end’]

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