Alesis Vortex over Camera Connection Kit to 6th-Gen iPod Touch running Roland Sound Canvas iOS

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I have the (white, non-wireless) Vortex, and have finally pulled it out to get some mileage on it… I had an idea that I would velcro my 6th-gen iPod Touch to the front of it (between the keys and the neck), and run Roland Sound Canvas iOS as the sound source… piping it from the iPod through Bluetooth to my mixer (this part I already have working).

I’ve read that I only needed to connect to the Vortex’s USB port with a ‘camera kit’ (lightning port on the iPod to Vortex’s USB), and I’d be good — but got conflicting reports on whether it would work. Alesis technical support tried, but didn’t know that people are doing this successfully with iPads — lots of users jumped in on their support pages to say this is working.

But that’s an iPad — mine is an iPod Touch, so when I switch the power to ‘USB/DC’, the Vortex doesn’t power up (no juice from iPod); yet when I move the switch to ‘BATT’, the Vortex does power up and then does absolutely squat on Sound Canvas iOS. I would love to find out I’m just skipping a config step on the iPod. Anyone?


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