On Strippers and Whores in First Grade

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LauraAnderson17There are religious extremists who are currently given shelter by today’s ‘smart people’ when they claim that they raped or killed someone because ‘they couldn’t help themselves’ when they saw too much exposed ankle. The school systems chronicled in the following stories are not only giving validity to that nonsense — they are TEACHING CHILDREN that these rapes and killings are the responsibility of the victims, rather than the ANIMALS who did it, and who will continue to do it, until enough of us stand up and slaughter the perpetrators in a very public way, over and over, to the point of impressing these indoctrinated human filth that they will not get away with the mindless slaughter of other humans at their whim.

Every time I see an incident when a teacher or principle calls out a girl for wearing clothing that is completely ignored — ‘normal’ — when worn by a boy, I think the words ‘distracting’ and ‘inappropriate’ are actually code words for ‘This Faculty Member Stares Inappropriately At Your Child’.

GabiFinlaysonWhen I was 7 years old, it wasn’t bare shoulder (or bare anything) that made me twitterpated with an occassional classmate. It was because they were GIRLS, and not even a burqa would have changed that dynamic.

My older sister, on the other hand, was trained (both at school and at church) that sitting too close to a boy led to occasional physical contact, which led to holding hands, which led to shoulder-rubs, which led to pregnancy. When I had a girlfriend in California, I would put my arm around her shoulders in church (because she was cold), and my sister felt the need to tell me I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to do that and I was setting a bad example (for all the observant children who would now become pregnant as a result).


Look, I have a minor in theology and my Book says that God created sex, music, dancing and alcohol. I don’t see anything until the last few centuries that supports this madness… the New Thinking that we are all animals who can’t control ourselves. Saying people can’t control themselves is saying they don’t have a responsibility to control themselves. I do not find that ideology ‘enlightened’ at all.

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