Saul Alinsky was…

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RulesForRadicalsCOVER[I’m posting this here so I can find it later… was just very impressed with myself that I answered someone’s comment on Facebook in such a succinct manner (on my phone, even); those of you who have labored through my writings over the years know that ‘succinct’ is a struggle for me.]

Saul Alinsky was a smart guy who in the ’60s published a book outlining his method for activists to affect change through disruption. Their method usually centers on personality attacks and turning your opponents’ morals into their own liabilities. Mocking isn’t impolite or a character flaw; it’s a skill that should be perfected (according to Alinsky). Hillary wrote her major thesis on how much she admired him, and Obama’s ‘fame’ as a ‘Community Organizer’ came from his mastery of those techniques — his mentor, ‘Frank‘, who he writes about in his book, was an Alinsky prodigy himself, so our President wasn’t just a good reader.

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