One of these things is … distinctly different. And it caught your eye. And that’s Wonderful…

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Attraction, whether by design or evolution, is an integral part of the continuity of life (not just human). To say that we should all evaluate everything around us equally is a notion without intellectual merit. (That’s me trying to say ‘stupid’ without insulting someone for their faulty ideology…)

We also used to praise someone by saying they had ‘discriminating tastes’… that word was not inherently negative. But now it’s more convenient to abuse language to force our will on others. Making everything the same, all the time, is not making anything better — it’s just making everything the same.

There was a Twilight Zone episode (or maybe it was The Outer Limits) where every person had exactly the same face… it was a Hell.

“One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other”

“Number 12 Looks Like You”

“The Eye of the Beholder “

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