Putin vs. Trump … or Trump vs. the Destructive American Left?

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Liberals are so anxious to point and shriek that Trump might be friendly to Putin… Let me ‘right-splain’ why you should be questioning those who question Trump’s intentions and feelings about Putin and Russia.

If a man is the most notable leader of the free world (that’s the President of the United States), he (or she) had BETTER be concerned about what kind of leader Putin is — what kind of character he is — because he MATTERS … whether you like, trust, or are interested in Russia. If a leader of these United States doesn’t make an attempt to establish a working relationship with Putin … EVEN IF HE IS TO BE CONSIDERED AN ENEMY … he’d be a raving idiot (see the last 8 years of ideology and propaganda over intellectual sanity).

But the Left would have you believe that anything but disparaging comments about Putin means Trump is ‘in bed with the Russians’. But here’s the thing: Russia may (does) have priorities that are not aligned with ours, but they also have priorities that ARE aligned with ours. Viewed as either an enemy or ally (Russia is both), a working relationship with Putin is an asset, not a liability. And Trump looks at the kind of MAN he is, the kind of CHARACTER he is, the kind of LEADER he is, and Trump UNDERSTANDS Putin much better than Obama and Hillary ever did.

If Trump were to hold world leaders at arm’s length, he would be a FAILURE. And those who have been born, fed, and bred on Alinsky’s tactics to break down society — attacking Trump for doing the right thing to preserve, protect, and build our society is just another day at the office.

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