Trump’s unvarnished tweets make everyone uncomfortable — especially when they’re true.

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“Sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations!” -@realDonaldTrump, 11/25/14

I understand the frustration with Trump’s tweets.. ‘unvarnished’ would be too kind. But what he says is the truth… the same would be true if Hillary had been elected… after generations of identity politics (vote for her ovaries), many voters would point back, a decade later, and say ‘No way — look what happened the last time we picked a woman!’

The Left has succeeded in making this an identity game, so those with good character no longer make it through the election process.

I would love to see Allen West in the Oval Office… but he’s chosen to be a strong voice rather than compete directly with the hegemony of Leftist politicians, who made Obama’s ascension ONLY about who they said he was (rather than who he actually was), and that was both a boon to his rise to power and a tarnish for all those voters who saw his priorities more clearly as selfish than patriotic as the years went on.

Those low-information voters who chose Obama twice, and now Trump, are upset.

And because the Left ‘instructed’ us that it was Obama’s color that made him exceptional, it’s the Left’s own destruction of the idea of a black President to thank them for.

If we had done the elections as an episode of The Voice (policies and debates with no awareness of who the candidates are), the other GOP hopefuls would not have been so easily unseated (meaning Trump would not have won the nomination); but we also would not have had Obama in the first place, to sully the nation’s memory of what a black President would do to us.

It’s definitely not fair… but it’s the personality of a nation who believes in feelings over facts.

If Martin Luther King were alive today (Republican with a gun, espousing character, sanctity of the family, morals, individual responsibility, equal protection under the law), the same people who taught us what a black President should look like would string him up, as they have for every other man who threatens their narrative.

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