Let’s talk about Privilege — but make sure it’s Profiling, because everybody loves Profiling

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What is so upsetting is that the #Left has constructed an environment of #IdentityPolitics where I am #Profiled (though they SAY they hate that concept and only evil people would do that) because of my race and gender — that I must be represented on the left-hand column of this cartoon.

OnAPlateI support people who don’t want me in their lives because I was raised to believe in things they don’t … my concern for them ‘trumps’ our differences. And that paradigm is what will save this country — if it is to be saved at all. Those who build for the greater good and persevere for the sake of others must outlive those who divide and ridicule for personal gain.

Unfortunately, we have a whole generations of people now who believe that taking from someone is the only way to give to another. If I could believe in that, I would have left the state, and changed my identity to leave those who destroy to deal with the consequences of their actions on their own.

But I’m a white (‘privileged’) guy who breathes in and out, all day long, (figuratively) digging ditches in the rain because the priority of my family, and my country, and my God, is stronger than the wounds that I could, but don’t, claim victimhood from. It’s not helpful to make demands with an upward, clenched fist, and wait for others to bear my burdens.

There is an imbalance, to be sure — but to claim that ‘Richard’ and ‘Paula’ (the characters in the cartoon, above) will not see ‘fairness’ unless Richard’s life be reduced in an effort to cause a gain in Paula’s — well, that’s just a convenient way to say that the pie is finite; and that nothing new can be created without destruction. That is the basis for the First Lie — that one can’t be, achieve, or experience unless you choose to break what already exists. This is why the Left is never happy unless someone suffers — and why they can’t even grasp that those who believe differently can do otherwise.


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