Conservative Reasons to a Liberal’s Query (Or, ‘Right Eye for a Left Guy’)

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Eliseo[NOTE: Many of the answers here were well-thought-out, and many were not. Regardless of the side of the political aisle you may stand on, it’s clear that as humans, there is no shortage of ideas, and no shortage of those who choose to react rather than think, discuss, and coexist. Below, I tried to be clear about what I believe — though I am not claiming that it’s a common understanding, nor that I in some way need everyone else to believe what I do. But what I commented with at least shows some of the reasons I place myself firmly, and comfortably, on the Right.]


Glad to see someone asking instead of just joining the group to lob grenades (there’s been a lot of that lately). Here are some playlists that I have used in the recent past to explain just what it is that Conservatives try to ‘conserve’ (because opposing ideologies have not exactly been eager to explain these things without ‘bending’ the perspective):

On Political Systems:

On Economics:

On Ideological, Social, and Civil coexistence:

Generally, people (at least half the country) who believe in these things have not lived their lives, nor to they intend to in the future, in such a way to make other people do and believe what Conservatives do. It’s the structure of a society based on individual rights, individual freedoms, and the protection of the minority from the majority that drives a need for the Rule of Law — a law that protects, defends, and prosecutes equally regardless of creed, race, sexual orientation, or theology.

Unfortunately, the last 50 years have seen a virulent social-engineering campaign to paint Conservatives as the ones trying to take things away from people. There are two things wrong with that misunderstanding:

1) One of the primary differences between the Left and the Right is that modern liberalism teaches that the ‘pie is finite’ — that is, one person can’t gain unless another person loses. Libertarians, Conservatives, and yes… Capitalists (all of whom are being beaten up on by the Left) believe that the way a society grows is to grow the pie. That’s not just an economic ideology — but also social, theocratic, spiritual, education, influence, creativity, the list goes on. Recently, we have seen the Left ‘teach’ that in order for women, racial minorities, and LGBTQ folks to live well and succeed, the ‘white men’ in this country must be made to suffer. To borrow a phrase from Mr. Obama, “That’s not who we are.”

2) There are people who, regardless of their ideology, and regardless of the platform they are able to recruit believers to support, are seeking mostly, power for themselves. This is borne out by history, and is likely to never cease to be true. Recently, the Left has worked very hard to push an idea that sharing resources (whether by force or through volunteerism) is somehow a hedge against the negative impact of those seeking power. But that ignores that NEVER in the history of humanity has Socialism or Communism had a sustained effect of growth and health for a society; in fact, the opposite has ALWAYS been true.

Democracy, when led by the will of the people, rather than the structure of a republic (this is what the United States of America was constructed to be), is nothing more than two wolves and a goat, voting on what’s for dinner.

People who have voted for Trump are not putting their hope in one man… they are making a desperate leap of faith that for once, MAYBE we can have a country based on the wealth of our collective individuality, rather than our collected (and discarded) individual values.

The Left, if anyone is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump, has so much soiled our belief in a government and a society that can rescue us all, that we’re very very hopeful in any opportunity for the opposite to be true — that individuals can rescue what is left of our government and society.

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