Kensington [Finally] Feels My Pain [The Big Ball is Back!]

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Well, I have to say, the transition from ADB to USB has been much more graceful (on both sides of the platform war) than any of the industry pundits could have predicted. Sure, there have been bumps along the way (we’re not out of the woods yet); but generally speaking, few have suffered mortally for the change.

Unless you were as emotionally attached to a device as I was to my Kensington Turbo Mouse.

Although the manufacturer was quick to get a USB version of their popular Orbit mouse (another trackball, but with a smaller ‘orb’, placed up by your fingertips instead of under the ball of your hand) onto store shelves, those of us who had long since become dependent on the satisfying heft of the billiard-size Turbo’s ball were left to dangle without a rodent.

Until now.

From the manufacturer’s own product data sheet (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader): “Kensington, the recognized leader in Macintosh input devices, has made three of the most popular Mac productsÑthe Turbo Mouse trackball, the Orbit trackball, and the Mouse-in-a-Box mouse – compatible with both USB and ADB Macs. Regardless of the type of port your Mac has, Kensington has engineered these input devices to connect with it. Another Mac first from Kensington – leading the way in quality and innovation.” (

Dan Oblak

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