Friday, July 27th – International SysAdmin Appreciation Day

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No, we’re not making this up — go and buy a cold Dew for the guys in your company’s basement; this is their day for kudos. Friday, July 27, 2012, is the 13th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day.

For motivation, I’ll remind you that if you tick these guys off, they could:

  1. Suspend your network priviledges
  2. Block iTunes
  3. Redirect DNS requests for to
  4. ‘Accidentally lose’ your home directory
  5. Share your web traffic log with your boss
  6. Send email to the White House from your email account
  7. Kill your last-minute print job just before the Big Meeting
  8. Schedule your next Windows update to begin halfway through your PowerPoint presentation
  9. Begin to use your PC as a test-bench for the latest virus definitions
  10. Block this blog address at the firewall
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