SUDDENLY, Obama is no longer sexy.

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[ Palin appears to disagree with McCain on sex education]
(“Palin’s running mate, John McCain, and the GOP platform say children should be taught that abstinence until marriage is the only safe way to avoid pregnancy and disease. …”

“…To do otherwise is to send a mixed signal to children that, on the one hand they should not be sexually active, but on the other, here is the way to go about it,” according to a statement provided by the campaign. “As any parent knows, ambiguity and equivocation leads to problems when it comes to teaching children right from wrong.”

Palin has been on record during her gubernatorial run in 2006 as saying, “I’m pro-contraception, and I think kids who may not hear about it at home should hear about it in other avenues. So I am not anti-contraception. But, yeah, abstinence is another alternative that should be discussed with kids. I don’t have a problem with that. That doesn’t scare me, so it’s something I would support also.”)

[ And no, she’s not a religious extremist, either]
(“How long did it take for them to investigate the political radicalism at Trinity United Church of Christ and Jeremiah Wright? 15 months. How long did it take for them to start with Palin and her religious beliefs? Less than a week.”)

[ In Palin’s Life and Politics, Goal to Follow God’s Will ]
(“One of the musical directors at the church, Adele Morgan, who has known Ms. Palin since the third grade, said the Palins moved to the nondenominational Wasilla Bible Church in 2002, in part because its ministry is less ‘extreme’ than Pentecostal churches like the Assemblies of God, which practice speaking in tongues and miraculous healings. “A lot of churches are about music and media and having a big profile,” Ms. Morgan said. “We are against that. That is why it is so attractive to politicians because they can just sit there and be safe.” … “We’ve gotten a lot of their people when the other churches get too extreme,” Ms. Morgan continued. However, she added, ‘If you lift your hands when we’re singing, we’re not going to shoot you down.'”)

[ Following ‘Caribou Barbie’]
(“…On the Internet, leftists took to calling her “Caribou Barbie.” Commentators chimed in with such brilliant questions as ‘Don’t they have birth control up in Alaska?’ A radio interview with Palin surfaced in which she discussed a petty, last-minute attempt by Lyda Green – the Republican state Senate leader and Palin’s political enemy – to change the time of this year’s state of the state address. The schedule had been set well in advance, but Green cited a transparently bogus scheduling conflict in an attempt to force the speech to a time that would have prevented Palin from attending her son’s graduation. In that context, Palin let loose a small giggle when the radio host called Green a ‘bitch.’

I spoke with three Alaskans about these issues at the convention on Wednesday. One was Randy Ruedrich, the man Palin had removed from the Alaskan Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for unethical behavior and whom she has tried repeatedly to remove as state party chairman. One of his companions, a young woman, piped up immediately: ‘Well, Lyda Green is a bitch.'”)

[ Palin Rumors]
(Charles Martin clears up each item on a running list, and provides links to the correct background information for all you conspiracy theorists out there…)

[ Palin the ‘Book Banner’]
(Thank God for the Internet, without which we would have never known that Mayor Sarah Palin tried (and failed) to have Webster’s Dictionary banned from the Wasilla Public Library in 1996, along with dozens of other titles including Tarzan of the Apes and Huckeberry Finn.

The real shocker is that she apparently had the prescience to demand the removal of several volumes of the Harry Potter series, the first of which wasn’t published until the following year!”)

[ Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama]
(“Now it’s true there are other crucial differences. Sen Obama has appeared on Meet The Press every other week for the last four years. He has been the subject of hundreds of adoring articles in papers and newsweeklies and TV shows and has written two Emmy-award winning books.

Gov Palin has never appeared on Meet the Press, never been on the cover of Newsweek. She presumably feels that, as a mother of five children married to a snowmobile champion, who also happens to be the first woman and the youngest person ever to be elected governor of her state, she has not really done enough yet to merit an autobiography.

Then again, I’m willing to bet that if she had authored The Grapes of Wrath, sung like Edith Piaf and composed La Traviata , she still wouldn’t have won an Emmy.

Fortunately, it will be up to the American people and not their self-appointed leaders in Hollywood and New York to determine who really has the better experience to be president.”)

[ Sarah Palin Has the Energy Answer]
(“Obama railed against drilling in his Denver convention speech. He is opposed to ANWR. And shale. And nuclear power. He’s constantly bashing oil companies. And all he talks about is a windfall profits tax. That’s why he has no real economic recovery plan. He has no interest in reducing gasoline prices at the pump. He even sponsored legislation to prevent 3-D seismic technology and other research efforts to correctly measure our undersea oil deposits.

In other words, he just doesn’t get it.

That’s why the pro-life, tax-cutting, drill, drill, drill, family-centered, corruption reformer Sarah Palin will be a powerful weapon in this election. Don’t tell me she won’t make a difference this November.”)

[ Bristol Palin chooses life. Now leave her alone.]
(This unfortunate situation may be the best-est way to piss off the Left; they’ll never understand why the Right would rather not kill a baby born out of wedlock because they’ve decided among themselves that the Right is all-rules-no-heart, and puts a mean and uncaring face on the Right’s God in order to justify their ridicule of His followers)

[ A Vote for Sarah Palin]
(“Three memories have shaped my approach to this year’s general election…” Suann Therese Maier, the mother of four and former director of non-profit support organizations for pregnant women and children with disabilities, is a teacher in Colorado.)

[ Palin the Impaled — The Alaska governor has been skewered for living according to her principles.]
(“Would anyone ever ask whether a male candidate was qualified for office because his daughter was pregnant?”)

[ Pregnant Pause — Trying to end the Palin candidacy before it begins.]
(“So far, it is the press that has embarrassed itself, not the governor from Alaska.”)

[ About Sarah Palin]
(The John McCain election committee puts Palin’s name on the national scene with their selection of her as our potential Vice President)

[ Alaska guv to Sen. Reid: Start drilling in ANWR!]
(June 24th: In a letter to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other key leaders, Alaska Republican Gov. Sarah Palin urges Congress to allow drilling for oil on the Outer Continental Shelf and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northern Alaska, an area she calls “the most promising unexplored petroleum province in North America.”

“What will it take for Congress to enact comprehensive energy policy?” Palin asks in the letter, dated yesterday. “In my opinion, the debate about energy policy is no longer theoretical and abstract. Our failure to enact an energy policy is having real consequences for every American in their daily lives and has begun to affect America’s place in the world.”

Palin, whose name appears on lists of potential vice-presidential candidates, concludes with a bold challenge: “I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to say that his nation’s future and the quality of life for every American are dependent on the decision you make or don’t make in the next few months.”)

[ Governor of Alaska asked why we don`t drill in Alaska.. So why don`t we?]
(Comments with opinions from both the annoyed and the leftards. Illuminating on both counts.)

[riggword: Sarah Palin More Like Elizabeth Dole Than Hillary Clinton]
(See the difference between strong women leaders and women leaders with strong mouths (Hillary/Pelosi, et al…)

[Gina Cobb: Twenty-Five Reasons to Love Sarah Palin for VP]
(#25: By her very existence she puts the lie to numerous liberal mantras, such as the notion that women cannot advance without affirmative action; Republicans are sexist; John McCain is out of touch; anyone who loves Alaska’s beauty can’t support drilling in ANWR; mothers of troops in harms’ way want to cut and run from Iraq; and women need government programs to manage marriage, children and work simultaneously.)

[ Tale of the Tape: Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama]
(Chart compares Palin to Obama, and shows how easily she outclasses him. Don’t forget, by the way, that they’re running for different positions. Maybe if he weren’t a minority, he wouldn’t have become such a darling of the Left so quickly, and so easy to ‘pop’ with the right pin.)

[ Non-scandal involving Gov. Palin: Even though he’s an admitted child-abuser who Tasered his own step-son and used a deadly weapon to break the law, Trooper Wooten still has a job]
(Where a blogger asks ‘Why is that miscreant still wearing a badge?’, regarding the trooper that Palin supposedly acted against without cause)

[ Palin’s Trooper’Gate: Beating MSM distortions to the truth]
(Timeline to ‘Trooper-Gate’. Sorry MSN & Obamanites — everyone’s beat you on this one by providing the truth earlier than you can spin it against Palin…)

[Ankorage Daily News: ‘Troopergate’ inquiry lurks for Palin]
“For the record, no one ever said fire Wooten. Not the governor. Not Todd. Not any of the other staff,” Monegan said Friday from Portland. “What they said directly was more along the lines of ‘This isn’t a person that we would want to be representing our state troopers.'”)

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