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Our original lead, when this was mostly a tech blog: “This site does not discriminate against people because of their race, religion, sexual preference, gender or operating system; we just think Microsoft Windows sucks.”

Some Americans have chosen to blame Muslims for the terrorist attack of September 11. Since my domain name (‘macbigot.com’) draws a lot of traffic not related to computing platforms, I have decided to add my two cents to the conversation.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Our webmaster professes to be a Christian, and owns 1.8 shares of Apple stock.

Recent Christian history has shown its own share of zealots, crying angerly in the name of God that someone (in this regard, the identity of the victim is not as important as the aggressors’ fervor) must die. The Crusades should have taught us that Christianity is not immune from such idiocy. (Let that be a lesson to all our ‘red-blooded Americans’; er, is that red-necked Americans?)

The David Koreshes, Hitlers, and Osama bin Ladens of our era are not limited to any religion, creed, nationality, or weight class. What sets them apart is the ability to find thousands of drones to follow their lead. With a cause — any cause — and an agenda not necessarily shared down the chain of command, whole armies can be sent willingly to their deaths.

The children of Afganistan and the surrounding countries are more well-educated than any previous generation; yet they still believe that Americans strongly desire the eradication of Islam, and that we have acted politically and with military aid toward that goal.

The truth is, the average American doesn’t care whether you are Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddist, athiest, or undecided.

What we do care about is whether anyone stands in our way as we clamor to escape debt, ignorance, and aimlessness. It is a drive for hope, a yearning for purpose.

Perhaps these zealots, of our generation or past – whether Christian or Muslim – could eventually kill each other off. Or perhaps someday, they will have a better grasp of who actually is and is not their enemy.

Until then, maybe they should look for countries to target that once struck, won’t hunt them down like cockroaches.

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