Perspective is King

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You point of view may be clouded by the people you’re hanging out with.

The other day, while I was watching TV with my kids and pondering who is hotter (Lizzy MacGuire or Ashley Spinelli?), I realized that Apple’s road to acceptance in the world of IT and high finance is still a battle of missed perceptions.

I used to think that the problem was the corporate worlds’s poor grasp of tech; and that if compared to Microsoft fairly enough, any other software company would be the clear choice.

But it’s becoming obvious that Apple is blinder than the business consumers they say they’re courting.

Apple and Microsoft are finishing the five-year term of their contract to share ideas, profits, and argyle socks; but don’t you believe that this fruit company will stop acting all soft and squishy. There’s no need to worry that the cutting-edge company might do any cutting-edge marketing, or that the folks who make the rules in R&D will break any in the retail world.

Listen up, Apple: It’s time to stop marketing to Martha Stewart, and start trying to reach the Tim Taylors. It’s time to change the company you keep.

And don’t watch TV with four-year-olds.

Dan Oblak

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