Reasons Why I Could NEVER Be a Liberal

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1. I can — and want to — solve my own problems.
2. I don’t feel bad about keeping the money that I earn; and I’d like YOU to be able to keep yours, too.
3. I am not afraid; I am annoyed.
4. I believe in God.
5. I’d rather find solutions to America’s problems than complain about them.
6. I’m not a good liar; and I actually know what lying is.
7. When I see the six colors of the rainbow, all it brings to mind is the old Apple logo.
8. I know what IS is.
9. Having a job keeps me from all the best protest marches.
10. I can support myself, thanks.
11. I’m really not that angry.
12. I think that a country for the people and by the people should be governed by laws based on the wants of the majority, not of whiney, crazed extremists; and that it is no better to be ruled by tyrants from the bottom-up than it would be by tyrants from the top-down.
13. I know that the United States is the GREATEST gift to her people on Earth.

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2 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Could NEVER Be a Liberal

  1. you must be a white male… you’ve got that wonderful white male perspective. I think you’re right, this country should be governed by the wants of the majority – we know who those are.. certainly not the whiney, crazed extremists minorities. To be a tyrant, by definition one has to have power.. so lets keep the power with the majority because the majority is never wrong. The whole idea of avoiding the tyranny of the majority is a ridiculous concept (don’t know who ever came up with that)…

  2. Wow, I sense a bit of baggage here (no more than my own, I admit)

    I am indeed a white male (born in white-bred Dayton, OH in a school system that provided only two or three black children, and a couple of asian kids in my class (my graduating class was over 300 students — so that was a REAL minority!). I attended a multicultural and multi-national (and very small) university where behavior was decidedly upper-crust (mid-to-low-income families, but it was a church-run school) so I was sheilded from much ugliness. Then I spent about 5 years in the L.A. area, where I learned how much of a farce the whole ‘Baywatch’ paradigm was (how much must they have spent to bus in all the white people to be extras?). I was completely isolated from racial issues because there weren’t any ever discussed — with the exceptions being Rodney King and O.J. Simpson.

    THEN, I drove my ’72 VW minibus across country to move back to Dayton, OH — by the time I got to Oklahoma, I realized something was incredibly WRONG; but couldn’t put my finger on it. By the time I broke down (still in Oklahoma), I realized that the whole country outside of the cuckoon I had experienced was full of idiot rednecks.

    So for me to be clear, I have to say that I STRONGLY feel that most of the stupid people in this country are white — I don’t attibute extremism and systemized abuses of a community to be a racial thing, or even a minority thing — it’s not about who you are; but instead who you were raised to be.

    The majority IS sometimes (often?) wrong; and they must be held accountable by the appropriate checks and balances. What I protest is the amount of the American experience that is governed not by the people; but by the 3-4% of them that whine and scream the loudest — fooling some to believe that they speak for many others, and scaring many into just giving the squeaky wheels what they want in an effort to quell the growing discontent.

    I expect adults to tell the truth. I expect members of a community to avoid behavior that hurts others. I expect that governments are in place to regulate behavior that hurts others, not dictate all behavior. I believe that we really all can get along (with a nod to Mr. Rodney King); but that most whiners aren’t really interested in supporting the community that supports _them_.

    I don’t really profess to understand all this talk about tyrants; I haven’t seen one ruling in this country yet — but I’ve met many people who will not be content until the entire world spins _their_way_. That is my view of the modern liberal; and though it may not be accurate to your perspective, it has little to do with my want for others to behave like me.

    I just want the right to live without being told to be like someone else. I want the peace and respect that I experienced from everyone I met while living in L.A. I want people to live as if they were concerned that God was paying attention to their life — even if they’re not sure whether to believe in Him. I want to know that there is some likelyhood that if I work hard, I’ll see good returns on that investment — not to take anything away from three or four other families on the block; but shouldn’t _they_ be doing the same so that I don’t have to shoulder their living expenses as well as my own family’s?

    Maybe that’s all just a silly notion, and maybe that makes me selfish in some liberals’ eyes. But if there were more of me, things might not be so harsh on the minorities. On the other hand, if there were twice as many liberals, we would get to see the whole world as little groups who hate each other — instead of a community of people with individual responsibilities.

    To be a minority shouldn’t mean that you are crazed, whiney, or extremist. There are plenty of those among all types of people.

    I am sorry that there are crazed, whiney extremists making decisions about how the rest of us — brown, black, yellow and white — are governed.

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