Do you need an invitation to join GMail?

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Yes, you do… well, anyone who wants a free GMail account (’s entry into the email foray) can only obtain one through an invitation process. In turn, each new member is given a number of GMail invitations to hand out to friends.

In my case, the majority of my friends have all been carrying multiple email accounts for years, and aren’t in need of another one. Personally, I use for my regular (personal) correspondence, for commercial contacts (their junk-mail filters are EXCELLENT!), and my GMail account for ongoing projects (note that any mail that I get there that is not related to an existing project may be summarily deleted). And then there is my enterprise account at my day-job that I keep all personal traffic OFF of for the sanity of the firewall gods and to keep the load on our email server to a minimum (that’s one way to be a good ‘citizen’ on your network).

So, I return to the question again — do YOU need a GMail account? Let me know and I’ll shoot one of my handful of invitations your way. Please. (As of today, I have 50.) Please. They’re starting to mold over.

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