Sure, it’s only a few bucks…

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[The following in response to ‘Netflix betting on subscriber fallout in Q3, everyone over it in Q4’ ]

…BUT, Netflix crossed the line where they used to be price-competitive with products and services they’re competing with (at least, where my own family is concerned).

As others have noted, an upgrade to an existing dish or cable package comes within reach when you’re talking about $16/month.

I wish there were more players in this part of the market — I may be re-visiting (which we had skipped over in the past because Hulu doesn’t support our Wii).

Although Netflix touts a lot of content at a low price, we’ve had trouble finding things we want to watch with our kids (10 and 13), as their titles seem to be too adult (or violent, creepy, or over-sexed) or too infantile for us to spend an hour on.

Hulu’s content may fill in some of the gaps where we lost access to some favorite shows from downgrading to the cheapest cable package (Warehouse 13?).

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