Just had to send an angry note to AT&T after learning why our phone bill was twice as large…

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Looks like we’re everybody’s favorite pecking post this week. As if there aren’t already enough reasons to hate the phone company, I just had to send the following on their web site: “We just activated this number last month, and already we have a FRAUDULENT CHARGE ON OUR ACCOUNT. It’s from PaymentOne Corp, for $17.95 — and we have already done our research; if you respond only that it’s not your problem and that we need to ‘take it up with the other vendor’, we’re SUING (conveniently, there are already several class-action suits for us to choose from). TAKE THIS OFF OUR BILL AND DO NOT ALLOW THIRD PARTIES TO CHARGE US AGAIN FOR ANY REASON.” http://lmgtfy.com/?q=PaymentOne+Corp+complaints+fraud+unauthorized

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