Why those who can do math are the new ‘witches’ of the 21st Century

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“PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN (er, Lefty men, women, and union-bred non-human monsters that believe their continued existence is more important than the people they purport to serve) BEHIND THE CURTAIN!!! How DARE you QUESTION the ALL-KNOWING and WISE plans of your overlords! After all, we’re only doing what the PEOPLE WANT (because we’ve explained to them … um… what they want… and that people who do math are… racists, ya know…)”

For you not familiar with the witch-hunts of our early history:

When someone would be upset with someone else in the village, they could accuse the other of being a witch. The very accusation would spark social rage, foaming-at-the-mouth, guilty-until-proven-innocent mobilization of the town’s often-time lynch mobbers, who would demand an admission of guilt. Those who would admit to being witches (few) would be killed; those who did not were subjected to ‘tests’; like being repeatedly dunked in a lake in a chair at the end of a long pole. If you survived drowning, you were a witch, and killed. If you didn’t survive drowning, you were innocent. Same thing for being burned at the stake. You can see how logic was not part of the popular culture.

The thing is, anyone who stood up for those accused, were in turn accused themselves — until no one would dare stand up for any innocent victim of the mob mentality.

And this technique is still in use today — by some who are aware of it, and others who are just having so much fun with their accusations that they could never hope to think it through (without condemning themselves for having abandoned righteousness so completely). There is even a textbook, for those who engage in it willingly:

“Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinksy (Amazon.com, commentary)

You may have noticed that to this day, anyone who points out that this volume is the playbook of the Left (and pointedly, the personal supporters of our current President), is called a wacko, a rascist, a ‘Hitler’ or an idiot. The funny (or not) part is that this reaction is actually them *following directions*, from the very book they say they don’t cling to like a Google map.

To look backward: what if someone, during the Salem Witch Trials, had found a book (say, a diary) that had chronicaled the technique of accusing people of witchcraft, and had shown it as proof that there was a PLAN to do what was so obviously wrong — what do you think would happen to the people who made the connection?

We know they would be burned at the stake.

Which is why the media (today’s self-feeding flames) is so eager to consume Palin, Beck, Christians and Jews, those who believe in limiting Federal powers, those who believe in the checks and balances of the three branches (which break down when any one of them are allowed to go unchallenged by the other two), those who believe in the rights of individuals.

How DARE we question the motivations — and legitimacy — of the thinking behind our modern-day ‘progressives’.

Don’t be fooled by the name; these are not people who desire actual progress — what they want is *change*; they have hijacked the word so as to prevent opposition (after all, who could be against progress? Surely only the idiotic or selfish!). And you don’t have to work toward consensus for ‘progress’ — like might be required to sell ‘change’.

Unfortunately, once a town has murdered so many of innocents, it’s a lot harder to right itself than it was to barrel down the path of blind indignation in the first place. I have to wonder just how many good people will be squashed by the mob before the Left is put out of the driver’s seat.

Just as I wonder what — on a personal level — eventually stopped the witch trials of Salem.

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