Professional Racists convince public that Race the issue in Zimmerman/Martin case, and that officials shorted investigation.

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UPDATE: As more of the evidence and eyewitness accounts have become exposed, I am no longer of the mind that this was a crime. A poor judgement call on the part of Zimmerman, perhaps, in getting to close to the person he was observing — isn’t the whole point of noting that a person is a potential threat that you don’t want to become entangled in that threat? However, the self-defense claim is beginning to sound the most plausible of all the projected scenarios. I do still believe, though that Stand Your Ground is irrelevant here — it would only matter if there was a point of decision (after Zimmerman perceived that Martin was an immediate threat) at which he had to decide whether to run or stand… being knocked to the ground and beaten (as more eyewitnesses than not have corroborated) makes the option of fleeing seem less accessible. The only question in his mind at that point was likely whether to live or be killed — I challenge anyone who has had their head beaten on a sidewalk to say otherwise.


The following is in regard to an open investigation — meaning that evidence is still being collected, and witnesses are still reporting in. No trial has yet taken place; but that hasn’t stopped Race-Baiters from foaming at the mouth. What we do know is that Zimmerman, acting under the cause of Neighborhood Watch, reported to 911 that he observed an individual heading into his neighborhood that didn’t look like he belonged; the 911 operator advised (not an order) that Zimmerman not pursue — but he followed Martin anyway. What happened after that is still being pieced together — but that hasn’t slowed down the shouting, the threats of violence, the signs and banners, and the Racist-heavy rhetoric. At first (as an illustration of how eager Racists have been to judge), this was called a ‘white-on-black’ murder — and only after it was made clear that Zimmerman is hispanic was that toned down to ‘targetting an innocent 17-year-old because he was black’. I point this out only to note the fact that for the first two days of this rabid, angry mob — they didn’t even know enough of the basic facts to stop calling Zimmerman a white man. But they knew enough to tell the cops that if they didn’t immediately arrest him, they would be taking matters into their own hands…

While this is still under investigation, what right do the citizens have to prejudge this, pre-trial? I’m annoyed that Al Sharpton has been given another reason to come out from under his rock.

Hypothetical: Zimmerman was STUPID enough to follow when told not to; then, whether he actually spoke to to Martin or not, he was on his way back to his car when Martin jumped him from behind (some may say justifiably so?) because Zimmerman was being a jerk and deserved a beat-down (no argument from me) — this is the story that is shaping up from eyewitness accounts.

What is made out to be a hate-crime may have been simply two guys who made VERY poor choices — and one ended up dead.

Personally, I’m quite sure that Zimmerman will get time for this, and deserves to. But the mob mentality that prejudges and sets aside the professional duties of the police is not justified here. From the accounts that the police and local news have released, it’s not clear that Zimmerman ‘chased’ him, regardless of what Al Sharpton, et al are claiming.

The fact that he did follow Martin was harrassment, not necessarily racially-motivated — though clearly walking into a situation he had no right to participate in (beyond notifying the police). Everything else is conjecture — and the boy’s age has nothing to do with how tragic this story is.

Let the cops do their job.

A brief note about ‘Stand Your Ground’ (SYG) — since it has been raised by many arguing about this altercation. The Stand Your Ground laws do not apply to this case, as Zimmerman followed Martin in the first place… he deliberately ‘walked into’ a situation that he could have avoided simply by NOT following Martin, as the 911 operator advised.

Let’s be clear about what Stand Your Ground Means. Before this concept was allowed under many states’ and municiple legislation, firearm holders were REQUIRED in many places to make an effort to leave the area when threatened, rather than holding position and defending one’s person, property, and other bystanders. The net result of this was that in many courtrooms, those who defended themselves with deadly force were reprimanded under the logic that they should have tried to flee — regardless of whether they felt their attackers would continue pursuit, whether there were children on-scene that needed protection, whether there was even any logic to the idea that an attacker might feel just as compelled to attack a mobile victim as one standing still.

But in the case of Zimmerman/Martin, it appears (so far) that since Zimmerman put himself in this position to begin with, the SYG concept does not apply to his justification for deadly force.

Now, regardless of whether either or both men were justified (or stupid) in their escalations, it’s much more likely that Martin had a reasonable defense under SYG — meaning that he had every right to stand and fight rather than run, if he felt his chances for survival were better that way.

Third point and then I’ll quit. What makes this a Racial Incident is the arrival of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the New Black Panthers. Oh, and the illigitimate commentary by our President (a la Cambridge Cops ‘acting stupidly’). Oh, and lest we forget — the media frenzy that has prejudged the situation and put Zimmerman’s life in jeopardy on a national scale.

On this point, we will judge the content of the character — of these individuals — much more harshly than they will judge Zimmerman or Martin. They are all self-serving Racist Bastards*.

*Definition of ‘Bastard’: A person who show no evidence of having been adequately parented.


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