If Obama’s friends SUCCEED in making gas unaffordable, will it force you to go green — or just lose your job/house/retirement/savings?

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This is the MAIN question that has me so angry at the crackpots that keep voting these sociopathic megalomaniacs into power over and over again.

It’s not the Great Enabler’s fault — he’s just letting Congress do what they’ve been trying to get away with for decades.

It’s not the Supreme Court’s fault — they’re just whittling down the Constitution one phrase at a time like they’ve been raised to do (long before they ever donned a polyester robe).

It’s not the Congress’ fault — those members who are getting away with something are only doing what they’ve been trained to do by the last dozen generations of politicians: Stay in office, make powerful people happy, and blame everything on people who can’t do enough to get rid of you.

The fault lies directly at the feet of the voters — and those parents, teachers, preachers, and authors who have slighted any opportunity to raise the next generation to understand and identify Evil.

There are an estimated 30 million Conservatives out there who do not vote. Those who do often speak of not voting because their favorite right-of-center politician might not get to sit in a particular chair. But speaking as on ACTIVE voter who’s ability to provide food, a safe place for my children to sleep, basic healthcare, and a decent education has been threatened by game-players who use the words ‘Hope’, ‘Fairness’, ‘Equal’, ‘Affirmative’, ‘Rights’, ‘Transparency’, ‘Bi-Partisan’, ‘Post-Racial’ and even ‘Science’ to strong-arm outcomes that are exactly the opposite of what the dictionary explains those words to mean — I’m DONE letting people be comfortable in their ignorance.

I will only sit back down (maybe) when the three branches of the Federal government once again act as checks and balances against one another, when the Press actually acts on behalf of the people instead of their own hegemony, and when Americans matter more than the Unions, Activists, Organizers, and Agencies that only pretend to support them.

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