The Democrat Party claims (often) to represent the Common Man. Well, so long as he doesn’t mind being Single. Or in prison…

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We hear a lot about how the Democrat Party has worked diligently over the decades to

  1. keep a large contingent of the population depended on the State, rather than on family, community, etc. …and…
  2. Keep reminding voters that if Republicans win elections, all that State assistance will go away because Republicans Hate You!

In this regard, the statistics and anecdotes are usually centered on minorities and income levels — but were you aware that included in their agenda (again, for DECADES) is an effort to foster BROKEN FAMILIES? How on earth would they do that?

Well, consider all that has been done through pop psychology to denegrate the worth of the family, all that has been excercised by ‘mental health professionals’ to minimize the known positive influence of nuclear families, the efforts of the media to make every husband on TV and the big screen into a raging buffoon, the hard work that the self-agrandizing Feminist Movement has done to inform men that they are no longer wanted/needed/appreciated — how long do you think it took for those efforts to impact little boys as they are growing up?

The little boys who eventually grew up to be your boyfriend/ex-husband/friend with benefits — who was wholly bereft of the qualities necessary not just to be a good Father to your child — but being totally unprepared and DISINTERESTED in growing up to be the Man that you could be glad to have in your life.

Instead, both Mommies and Daddies can now look to the State to be the adult — and our children will be raised by ‘babysitters’, now that the government has (by judicial degree) begun to inform parents that they have LESS RIGHTS to determine how their children are raised than those who squeezed them out like little writhing watermelons.

LINK: Bristol Palin: “A Letter to Liberal Single Moms” (

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