Obama reassures unwashen (gun-clinging) masses that he shares their love of the Right to Defend (from Skeet); provides photographic evidence

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Remember that time in August when the Great Enabler got a bruise on his cheek from not being told how to hold a shotgun correctly? [Oh, then it must not have actually been fired while he was holding it like that…]

But how is there smoke coming out of the Big Manly Gun if the Great Enabler didn’t shoot it? [Well, there is smoke, so we’ll assume that it’s coming out of the gun in all the right places and that the rest of the photo agrees with … well, we’ll agree that there is smoke.]

Skeet (or clay pidgeons, as some call them) are objects flung up into the air that follow an arc, and shooters follow the arc with their shotgun to target much as they would a waterfowl as it flies up and away from hunters. [The fact that he is shown aiming laterally, not up in the sky, should not be taken to mean that he doesn’t know what he is doing, or that he is posing — but rather that the people having him pose were happy to let him look like an idiot while constructing this ‘photographic evidence of a Manly president…]

“…we do skeet shooting all the time”. -the Great Enabler [I don’t have a lot of friends who enjoy this sport regularly; but those who do are often heard saying ‘we shoot skeet’, ‘we shoot clays’, ‘we shoot trap’ — never will they be heard saying ‘we *do* skeet shooting’… perhaps he was just away from the TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) or perhaps worse, it fed him the wrong verbiage just to make him look like a lying fool. We hope that it won’t be damaged ‘accidentally’ the next time he ‘does skeet shooting’.]

About the only thing that appears to be accurate, truthful and transparent in this photo — is that our Great Enabler does just about everything… FROM THE LEFT.

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