Why should the 2nd Amendment be an important issue to EVERY CITIZEN — regardless of personal views on firearms?

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I was asked to visit http://www.lee.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/protect-2a to chime in with my opinion on why I believe the Second Amendment is relevant to our nation today. Their server is apparently being overwhelmed; but luckily I did a quick Select-All/Copy before I hit the submit button (I’m a little paranoid where the stability of web forms is concerned). Here’s what I’ll paste in eventually (when their web guy feeds the squirrels):

It’s true that our politicians regularly lie to bolster their personal ideologies.

It’s true that our politicians regularly lie to strengthen their positions of power.

It’s true that our politicians abuse their authority up to and until they get caught and either have to dial it back or are ousted.

It’s true that any human being given power, unchecked, will consider their own needs before those they purport to serve.

So this country was founded with checks and balances that were not to be undone — not just including the web of inter-dependencies between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the Federal government — but also between the State itself and the People, who are armed with the written word, the ability to assemble, and the right to self-defense. These rights mean nothing if the People aren’t aware of them; they mean nothing if the People can’t exercise them; they mean nothing if they can be rescinded by a tyrannical State which deems them inconvenient.

Any politician who dares to lessen the strength of these checks and balances doesn’t just risk an end to his political career; by turning their backs on their oaths of office, they have committed vocational suicide — those who do not uphold that which they swear to protect have LET GO OF THE STEERING WHEEL, and are by definition no longer fit to drive the car.

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