Leftist Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy agrees with religious zealots’ view that men not responsible (guns cause murder, attractive women cause rape)

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So long as the People Who Hate Guns (more than they hate Evil People and Evil itself) keep trying to say that the NRA cheers the gun that Evil used, they make themselves out to be Fools That Believe People Have No Responsibility In The Matter. This is IN NO WAY DIFFERENT FROM THE RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS WHO SAY THAT AN EXPOSED ANKLE FORCED A MAN TO RAPE A WOMAN.

Connecticut_Senator_Chris_MurphyThus, it becomes clear that the irrational zealots here are the anti-gun idealists.

Those of us who ‘cling to our guns and our religion‘, on the other hand, feel that our BEHAVIOR MATTERS more than what we may have clipped inside the back of our pants.

The NRA is simply one of many organizations that is working to KEEP LEFTISTS OUT OF OUR PANTS.

I would think that any decent marketing person looking for fans would appreciate that the public is smart enough to consider the NRA a benefit, not a detriment — regardless of the bigotry of Leftist zealots who value politics over human life and our right to self-defense.

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