Oops… what happens if you crack your iPad glass?

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Apple’s iPad line — and in fact, most of the tablets out there on the market — are a lot sturdier than they look. However, (to paraphrase the Ohio State motto), doo-doo happens. Today a fellow techie (who has the chops and tools to refurb any laptop, any style) shot me a note about repairing an iPad 2 that has a visible (and distracting) crack.

The cheapest route might be to do it yourself (tutorial vid and parts list below); however it’s not for the faint-of-heart. The tolerances inside are so close that it’s more like repairing a watch than cracking open a laptop. Getting it to look pristine when you are done (with no dust inside, etc.) can be tough — even with a controlled, clean workspace.

But Apple sometimes cuts people a break on the repair at the Genius Bar; so it’s worth a visit to the Keystone Apple Store to find out. Worst-case, I’m seeing that Apple *can* charge $300 for the repair — which hardly seems worth it since you can get a new iPad Mini in the same price range.

LINK: “Replacement Parts For iPad 2” (GadgetMenders.com)
LINK: “Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store” (iPadForums.net)

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