SEAN LEVINSON of shows us what is Wrong with Reporting these days

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You know how I KNOW that the person who penned this article doesn’t have a clue about this case? Because of the phrase he uses, “self-defense claim based around the Stand Your Ground law”.

SYG is news because Al Sharpton, Bloomberg, and the Great Enabler have been chatting it up every time someone mentions this case. But, the Zimmerman Defense never mentioned or used this rule in their arguments — neither did the Prosecution claim that SYG had any bearing on what happened. Never did the judge talk about this rule and how it affected how the jury needed to do their jobs.

Sean-Levinson_ToolOfTheLeftYou see, SYD is an issue IF THERE IS A POINT AT WHICH AN ARMED PERSON HAS TO DECIDE WHETHER TO *STAY* AND FIGHT, OR *RUN* — and NO ONE (not Zimmerman, and not a single witness, and not a single shred of evidence) EVER said that Zimmerman had an OPPORTUNITY to decide whether to run.

His CHOICE (by the time he was being attacked, and REGARDLESS of the events that led to that point) was to LIVE or DIE — SYG is irrelevant, and you bringing it up here SHOWS that you are not familiar with the CASE, but instead chose to base your understanding of it on RHETORIC NOT RELEVANT TO THE CASE.

If this error in the article was not out of ignorance, then that means it was done to suit the ‘anti-self-defense’ agenda that the Left has been hitting with wild abandon of late.

YOU, sir, are why the phrase ‘Journalism Is Dead’ is heard so often in this generation.

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