Margaret Sanger had a plan to use Black Preachers to help kill Black Babies. Now, we have Black ‘Leaders’ motivated to kill Black People of ALL AGES for the sake of their own egos. ‘Progress’?

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That whirring sound you hear, seemingly from all directions, is the millions of babies spinning in their graves — along with hundreds of thousands of young people lured to a violent death attached to ‘glory’, ‘reputation’, and ‘keepin it real’ — all by supplanting real enemies of Americans with ‘constructed threats’; making it so difficult to see when we are really in jeopardy because we are so blinded by the manufactured rage that is delivered to us, on the silver platter of the silver screen, and from the pulpits of commandeered microphones and talk-show couches every day.

65170_306318092813339_1469125691_nLiberal social policies have kept many (but not all) minorities as ‘engineered subcultures’ in these United States. Just think where we would be socially, financially, civicly, and academically all around the nation if Social Engineers (none any better morally than Margaret Sanger) had left us to grow on our own?

Today, they work even harder to propagandize each newly-arriving generation — they’re in a panic that the masses have begun to notice the effects of letting the illuminati control the population. Back before the Republican Party began their work, it was referred to as White Man’s Burden — now Race has little to do with it; but control of the public wealth, public health, public food supply, public energy resources, and public indoctrination, still does.

Funny how the public’s SAFETY is not as much a priority for them as they preach every election cycle — or we might see actual border security and less framing of self-defense as a social crime.

Funny how the public’s SUSTAINABILITY is not as important as they make out in their press conferences, or they would be talking about education and skill-building more than control over healthcare and wealth redistribution.

Funny how we are, as a nation, still so bent on saving the rest of the world — when we do not currenty know how to feed the people right here within our own States.

If you could find me the most Racist person alive today on this planet — it would be a very small matter to show with facts, figures, and their own words — to explain how Al Sharpton and Barack Obama have been personally responsible for more hatred and more death than that identified Racist… and yet we are to revere the men or be castigated as Racists ourselves.

To what, seeing our nation’s plunge into the darkness and Evil of these Godless men, do we cling to for national pride and generational hope? It is clearly the goal of these men — be they masterminds or minions — to dismantel all that is good, and any ideal that is moral.


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