She SHOT and KILLED her assailant? HOW HORRIBLE!!!

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549505_226289400853259_1823456370_nCivilians aren’t in competition with the police — but also, we are not ‘in addition to’ the protections provided by the police. Rather, the police force’s ability to serve the community is ‘in addition to’ our own responsiblity to protect the lives of ourselves and that of those around us.

To believe that we should just LAY DOWN AND DIE (because self-defense is not any of our business) is an idea only of those who believe that the State is more important than Life itself — which is not just opposite what freedom and clarity was claimed in the Declaration of Independence… but also opposite of the idea that God has Created us (the State is only a creation of Mankind — a lesser thing than what God has put on this Earth by His own hand).


LINK: “A Factual Look at Guns in America” (
LINK: “United States Declaration of Independence” (
LINK: “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (
LINK: “Self-Defense: An Endangered Right” [PDF] (

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