Rape, by definition, is non-consensual sex. Harvard isn’t breaking new ground here…

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Remember that our dear Great Enabler still refuses, after all this time, to call Army Major Nidal Hasan a ‘terrorist’ (even though he yelled, ‘Allah Akbar’ as he killed his ‘fellow soldiers’, had a long documented history of favoring the politics of his cultural roots to a degree that unnerved his superiors, and has made it clear since the attack that he does not recognize the authority of the United States government to prosecute him) — rather, referring to the attack as ‘workplace violence’ verbally, legislatively, and judicially? The victims of his gunfire still suffer the indignity of being treated as if they only stood too close to a man with anger management issues. No benefits, no Purple Hearts.

Well, the standards that are set by the Most Powerful Man in the Free World do not go unnoticed.

Harvard is too shy to use the word ‘rape’ now — perhaps it’s been deemed politically incorrect, or maybe it believes that if they don’t utter it, it doesn’t exist.

LINK: “Yale officially declares ‘Nonconsensual Sex’ not that big of a deal” (YoungCons.com)

(Quoting Katie J.M. Baker of Jezebel.com): “Based on our analysis of the report, Yale has formally found sufficient evidence against six perpetrators of ‘nonconsensual sex’ so far in 2013. Of these six perpetrators, only one was suspended, and only for one year. Four received ‘written reprimands,’ and one is on “probation.” To summarize: five out of these six perpetrators of rape will graduate with a slap on the wrist (and an Ivy League diploma!) or stay on campus, and the sixth can come back in a year. Hey: most of them were encouraged to seek counseling. That’s thoughtful.”

Understand that when the government, our Media, and all the self-appointed moral arbiters raise their voices and their fists to decry the ownership — the very existence of — guns, they are simultaneously supporting (actually, evangelizing) the abortion of defenseless children. And, they make it as clear as any good propaganda artist can paint, that our government does everything for our own good — and nothing more than that — and that suspicions to the contrary are signs of mental illness.

While they are claiming that Conservatives (specifically, the Republican Party, but who’s to know the difference by way of Katie Couric?) are waging a ‘war on women’, the Left unabashedly topples pillar after pillar of society — our mothers, our families, our churches, our businesses — under the guise of helping women up a ladder in the corporate world which… they also say is Evil.

While they are ‘fixing’ the healthcare industry, banking, manufacturing, and immigration, all of these are being clearly and openly damaged to the point that many decades will be spent repairing what has been so handily demonized and then unplugged ‘for the common good’ in just a few short years.

This is where we are. Dismantled.

Every once in a while our culture needs to pause, and consider whether we like what we see in the mirror. Yale used to be a place that the best of our children could only aspire to — much like Harvard, which is also now just a place that the most well-known thieves and charlatans hail from. When more than half of our culture looks in that mirror — sees this — and says, ‘Yes! We want more of *that*!’, well, we get tools like this Congress, this Media, and our transparently elected Great Enabler to steer, to lead, to inspire.

Is there a way out? Yes — but the solution is not political, social or violent.

It’s moral.

And THAT is what is going to make it so difficult for this country, in whatever form, to accept any steps out of the abyss that are available to us.

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