Democracy as a religion…

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For clarity:

Those who see Democracy as an ideology have forgotten that the torch-bearing mobs in the story of Frankenstein were a Democracy.

The fear-driven townspeople who burnt ‘witches’ in Salem were a Democracy.

The hooded, hate-driven bigots of the KKK were a Democracy.

Regardless of the purest intentions of those individuals participating, Mob Rule is still only brutal thuggishness, multiplied and reinforced by a belief that sheer numbers equate any belief or behavior to Righteousness if bolstered by enough Believers.

“Democracy is two wolves and a goat, voting on what’s for dinner.”

A nation based on LAW, on the other hand, can be reasoned, measured, and delivered — to provide Justice to all equally. To protect the Minority from the Majority.

True, it will still be upheld by imperfect humans; but the alternative is a society made up of successive generations of mobs. Like where we are now.

And where we are going.

LINK: “Michigan Family Violently Targeted After Standing Against Teacher Who Molested Their 8th Grade Son” (

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