Learning to live without the assistance of the Federal Government

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The Government Shutdown has caused all sorts of administrative headaches, even for departments that have stayed operational — simply because of the reduction in manpower (file clerks, research assistants, analysts, phone bank operators, etc.). It’s inevitable that at some point, this slowdown in Federal productivity will eventually affect those who need a background check for purchases at gun shows (one is scheduled at the fairgrounds this weekend in Indianapolis ).

So, we are working on a National Test to see whether someone is too insane to have access to a firearm, too stupid to be trusted with a firearm, too criminal to get caught outside the house with a firearm, too bad a parent to keep firearms away from children and teenagers, too uneducated to grasp the legal ramifications of the presence and use of a firearm, or too ‘radical and extreme’ politically to be trusted not to shoot an opponent rather than debate in a civil manner.

The neatest part is, there is only one question on the test, and it requires no studying or prep-time. Here it is:

FULL LEGAL NAME: [_________________________________________]
TODAY’S DATE: [_____/_____/_____]
U.S. CITIZEN STATUS (circle one): [ Legal / Undocumented ]
STATE OF RESIDENCE: [_________________________________________]
AGE (circle one): [ Old Enough to Enlist / Not Old Enough to Enlist ]
1) Do you now have, or have you ever had, an
Obama bumper sticker on your vehicle? [ Yes / No ]

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