In the movies, when someone fires a gun in the air, everyone stops and pays attention

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Let’s just start with the plain-and-simple: Firing a gun in the air is dangerous, and is illegal in most civilized societies … EVEN the ones that embrace firearm ownership and self-defense rights. THAT BULLET IS GOING TO COME BACK DOWN.

But, Joe Biden recommends that we step out on our collective porches, fire a 12-guage shotgun in the air, and expect that all the Evil in the world (be they varmits or ‘white-hispanics’ targeting us for our non-drug-related bag of Skittles) will run like Hell to get away from us.

He’s not just an idiot — he’s a DANGEROUS idiot.

Don't+Shoot+bigBut, since we’ve all seen firing a gun in the air done on old TV shows (and in celebrations around the second- and third-world), it just seems like making that bang-bang thing do some noisy-loud something will be just perfect to stop what needs stopping, right?

No. What it might do is rapidly change the situation — but you have no control over exactly what kind of Change that will be. (Kind of like the last couple of elections; but I digress…)

Does Gun Ownership Belong Hidden In The Shadows?

When a society deems gun ownership to be something unacceptible to common popular culture, then much of what people learn about the subject comes only from Hollywood — or worse yet… Joe Biden.

Remember, it was Leftists that have been working so hard over the last 50 years to teach your 2nd-Grader how to be sexually active ‘safely’… Without their help, children might learn ‘wrong’ information from their parents, and be exposed to ‘incorrect values’ that will ‘hinder their development’.

4th_of_July_957s_2013Remember, it was Leftists who have been beating the drum that if Abortion is outlawed, they will continue in secret and in much less ‘desirable’ conditions (what is the condition that makes murder acceptable?). ‘Doctors’ won’t be trained, licensed and certified. Locations will not be sterile. Women’s rights will not be protected. (As they are now at Planned Parenthood facilities, they profess…)

The Leftists are COMPLETELY AWARE that by making firearm ownership an ‘unacceptable’ thing, they push it back into the shadows, where firearms training is often skipped altogether (only Bad Guys, and soldiers on the battlefield, should even have access to a weapon — never mind ‘normal people’ actually *knowing how to use one*, right?). Letting your neighbors, doctors, teachers, coworkers, and friends know that you even own a firearm will darken their view of you forever…)

Then when someone does something REALLY STUPID like FIRING A GUN IN THE AIR, the Left is all too giddy about the opportunity to point out how dangerous firearms are in ‘non-professional hands’.

If you decide that a firearm is something you may be interested in looking into, then TRAINING should be as important as ownership. ASK ME (ask someone!) if you want to know about options that will fit your situation… the best is always in-person instruction with a certified NRA Instructor, followed by one-on-one instruction by someone who simply has years of experience on the subject, followed again by video training available online and on DVD. There are LEGAL implications, SOCIAL issues, ENVIRONMENTAL impacts, and TACTICAL methodologies that you will not get ‘in the box’ when you purchase a firearm.

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