Guns are an Equalizer among Men — but an Unfair Advantage against Tyranny.

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Somebody’s not doing their part!

According to the Brady Campaign folks, the NRA want us to keep killin’ so they can keep sellin’ (the NRA doesn’t sell guns — in fact, it doesn’t represent gun manufacturers, either… it’s membership, annual dues, profits from promotional clothing, and donations are provided by the CUSTOMERS of the gun manufacturers).

But the main political drive of the NRA is to counter the propaganda and legislative attacks on the 2nd Amendment rights of American Citizens — so if you don’t understand that the opponents of the NRA are making INFLATED CLAIMS (that’s lying, folks) about armed citizens being a risk to themselves and others, you might also be unaware that more people LIVE because of guns than the number who DIE.

How is that possible?

Any state, municipality, or even country that has increased its regulations on private firearm ownership has increased in violent crime, or political tyranny ending in massive deaths. Conversely, in any state, municipality or country which has reinforced the personal rights and freedoms of individuals to protect themselves, there has been a corresponding DROP in violent crime, and get this… ADDED LONGEVITY for the respective public servants.

My conclusion from this is that when the people are easily threatened, those who seek power do so only to serve themselves. When the people are NOT easily threatened, those who seek power do so only to serve the people.


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