“…threw my clothes out on the lawn; AND HE’S GOT A GUN…”

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Look around you — friends, coworker, relatives, neighbors… if, on a really bad day, any of them were angry at you after a disagreement — would they be capable (in temperment, mental capacity, and by having a grasp of our current world) of knowing the IMPACT of calling up the police and telling them “We argued and he has a gun!”?

LINK: “Police shot unarmed man, drove an armored truck through his door when he did not exit his property on command” (PoliceStateUSA.com)

What do you think is important to take away from this educational experience (read article linked above)?

  • Do you obscure firearm ownership from everyone?

  • Do you only associate with others who agree with your Right to defend yourself?

  • Do you take time to educate everyone you meet about the Constitution, the stats that show the 100’s more times firearms save good people than they aid bad people, the difference in lives saved when a CCW-holder (who’s already on the scene) steps in and stops a killer before the cops have time to arrive and only count the victims?

Just 40 years ago, kids in elementary school were taught firearm safety IN CLASS, and high school students competed in target shooting ON CAMPUS; and despite all the Presidential noise about it, you’re more likely to be murdered with a hammer than with a rifle — so it makes me wonder, have the Threats changed, or has the Conversation?

Who owns the Threats? Who owns the Conversation? Who owns the Change?


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