A Tribute to the Keytar

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From Rocksurge.com:

“There is no doubt that the keytar is one of the most ridiculous (yet fantastically awesome) instruments to ever be invented. The poster child of 1980’s hair band rock and roll, the keytar had a fame short-lived. As quickly as pink sweatpants came and went, so did the keytar. It was too quick for my liking.

The keytar is a hybrid that combines the smooth electronic sound of the keyboard with the free-hanging awesomeness (and neck, for some reason) of the guitar. What other instrument can take two seemingly opposite, but equally awesome, devices and meld them into one turbo-amazing musical weapon that challenges the authority of God himself? None.

I’m asking that everyone reading this please help me bring back the keytar. Don’t let this symbol of true rock and roll fade into dust. Please.

If you need convincing as to why the keytar is amazing and deserves at the very least your absolute devotion, just take a look at the following artifacts, collected from around the world in a global effort to bring back the keytar:” (see full article for pictures… also available as a DIGG mirror)

I’ve had ‘keytar’ in my eBay watch list for about a month…

Unfortunately, what I normally get in my inbox every morning is the one used by the damn Doodlebops.

eBay: ‘keytar’

And what is up with the Yamaha SHS-10? I had one of these when I was a teenager; took it to college with me and ended up selling for $50 (which was more than I paid for it brand-new). Now they are selling for more than $200?

My favorite was the Casio AZ-1 — one of the very first on the planet with keys that were both touch-sensitive and pressure-sensitive (for those slow, etheral pads you never see coming until it’s snuck up on your and taken over the stage in envelopes of fat fuzz…).

After I finish my current project (building a 1984 Honda Magna V65 out of nothing but parts from eBay), I’m gonna pick up another AZ-1. Really.

Get your fill of even more keytar action on Google Video!

Better still: http://www.keytarmusic.com/ !

P.S.: Does anybody know who the chick is in the lead photo?

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