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“My new column is up. It’s on the ‘UNITY Journalists of Color’ convention being held this week in Washington, D.C. Both President Bush and Sen. John Kerry plan to make appearances, where they will try to out-P.C. each other in gag-worthy fashion.

I cooked up a little quiz for all these skin-deep diversity types and have invited my fellow “journalists of color” to show us their true colors. Feel free to send the test to your favorite mainstream media journalists and ask them for their scores. Test-takers get five points for every statement they mark “YES:”

1. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life.
2. I think my taxes are too high.
3. I supported Bill Clinton’s impeachment.
4. I voted for President Bush in 2000.
5. I am a gun owner.
6. I support school voucher programs.
7. I oppose condom distribution in public schools.
8. I oppose bilingual education.
9. I oppose gay marriage.
10. I want Social Security privatized.
11. I believe racial profiling at airports is common sense.
12. I shop at Wal-Mart.
13. I enjoy talk radio.
14. I am annoyed when news editors substitute the phrase ‘undocumented person’ for “illegal alien.”
15. I do not believe the phrase ‘a chink in the armor’ is offensive.
16. I eat meat.
17. I believe O.J. Simpson was guilty.
18. I cheered when I learned that Saddam Hussein had been captured.
19. I cry when I hear ‘Proud to be an American’ by Lee Greenwood.
20. I don’t believe the New York Times.”

My score is 92.5 (my jury’s still out on #17).

For those who haven’t ‘met’ her online, Michelle Malkin is no shrinking violet (or any other color) when victimhood-claiming liberals become apologists for Crayola-marketed media personalities.

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