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This site was started under another name back in November, 1997 — partly as a personal ‘refrigerator door’, partly as a commentary on the ‘religious wars’ between computing platforms, back when that was a big thing. When the bloody fights between the Apple camp and Microsofties began to run out of steam, so did my traffic. So my site has returned, mostly, to being my own little chalkboard-in-the-sky for little tidbits I find interesting, and I really began to hit a bit more territory than just the Mac as politics and social ethos began to surge to the forefront of water-cooler chatter again.

Some of what is here lands on this space because I found it irritating that Facebook doesn’t make it easy for people to find anything I’ve posted more than a day or so ago. We all might as well be pissing in the wind.

So, this site may be nothing more than a bucket of pee; but at least it’s searchable and my posts won’t disappear over the horizon in 48 hours.

Happy reading.


This site sometimes includes links to products and companies that in turn provide revenue that is put back into this site [though it’s unlikely the site will ever make a profit, since we’ve never received more than $2.50 in any given month…]. We will only advertise for companies that we would do business with. Advertising will never influence editorial content.

Being a fan of Apple/Macintosh (and many other tech ventures), we will not post rumors or NDA-protected information here that may inhibit the marketing tactics of any company; we believe such behavior to be irresponsible, unfair, dishonourable, and rude.

Certain logos, trademarks, and imagery may be copyrighted material displayed under fair use only; please contact respective holders for permission before re-use.

The tagline that we’ve used since the beginning on our old domain ‘MacBigot.com’: This site does not discriminate against people because of their race, religion, sexual preference, gender or operating system; we just think Microsoft Windows sucks.

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  1. Here! Here! A site where it is OK to despise MicroShaft! How kewl is that! Oh, and please add my blog to the Bloggers Against the Obama Nation. I would be honored to be added to the list! :-) Nice content!

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