Why does God allow Evil in the world?

Because He created us (Mankind) with Free Will.

Because we chose to live apart from God.

Because we have chosen Evil. For now, He is letting us.

In The Beginning… At first, we (humanity) were with God, and what was GOOD was what was of God. Good WAS God, and God WAS Good. Simple.

CastOutOfTheGardenThen Satan convinced Humanity that we could… even should… define Good on our own… how dare God claim the sole right to define Good vs. Evil? Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and were not given a giftthey were rather SEPARATED from reliance on God for the definition of Good. We are still separate.

We have a dim view into God’s presence through His written word, through preserved stories of His interactions with our ancestors, and in the life lessons left to us by His Son, who visited us just 33 short years. We have help in understanding, in a limited way, through the Holy Spirit which is a gift that leads… but it is not the same as living in a world that is ruled by our Creator. It’s not the same as Adam and Eve experienced in being able to converse with Him in any waking moment. We lost that when Adam and Eve made the decision to define Good and Evil without RELYING on God to do that for us.

Now, we wait for Christ’s return… and it’s a long wait for us; but a short time for God. He is watching us learn how futile it is for us to live in peace and prosperity while being separate from Him.

We are living in Australia — the place that criminals were sent (Satan and a third of the angels who rebelled against God and were cast down), and are still in charge here. At Jesus Christ’s return (Second Coming), those criminals will no longer rule, and our environment will not belong to disrupters and those who thrive on Evil — but we will still have Free Will, as that is how God created us.

The difference will be that Good and God will no longer be separate, either. He will define what He wants for us, and only in communing with Him will we be capable of Peace.

We have had thousands of years to attempt to achieve it on our own… defining Good as anything else but ‘with God and of God‘ is futile. Bad things happen — wars, assaults, lying, pretense, famine, disease, hate, abuse, theft, loneliness and death — because since the time of Adam and Eve, we have been choosing (as a race) to define Good out of our own feeble minds and frail hearts.

This is not God’s doing — it is not His will. It is Satan’s world, and Satan’s will that we live apart from God, and suffer endlessly — as he knows we are to inherit a place with God that he forfeited long ago.

The Left Can’t Get Rid Of Guns, So They’re Whittling Away Wherever They Can Get Mindshare

We’ve pointed it out often here, but legal firearm ownership keeps growing, and violent crime keeps going down. Now, every Leftist faced with those facts is quick to point out that correlation is not necessarily the same as causation… but it’s also true that:

  • When you make firearms more difficult to obtain, in those parts of the world where gun violence actually decreases, violent crime and death actually increasesthe bad guys just use knives, hammers, fists, fire, and strangulation more. And because people can’t defend themselves against larger, stronger, more immoral characters, their deaths are on the heads of those who disarmed them.

  • When there is less of a stigma to firearm ownership, training increases — which decreases accidental injuries and death.

  • When governments subjugate their populace, they begin by ensuring that there is little armed resistance. Saying that only happened hundreds of years ago only makes Leftists appear ignorant (we have the internet now, you know…).

  • Our culture used to be much more open about guns — people of all ages were less afraid of them because it was common to teach children how to behave around them (like any power tool). Though the Left claims that making drugs legal will bring it out of the shadows and decrease risky behavior, they don’t see the irony of their pretended ignorance when they see that they’re doing the opposite with firearms.

Long guns (anything that is bigger than a pistol) are not statistically relevant where mass shootings, violent crime, suicides, or accidental deaths are concerned. But the Left has found over the last 50 years that they can’t slow down Americans’ belief in self-determination, self-defense, and self-analysis.

So they work VERY hard at getting Americans to analyze OTHERS — division is their weapon of choice. And as they have with race-baiting, class warfare, and blame-redirection, they play a long game of half-truths, fear, and personality politics that gains lots of low-information (ignorant) people to their causes.

The latest in the engineered-fear campaign targeting AR-15 rifles:

When you choose #MobRule over #EqualProtectionUnderTheLaw, you get to yank the nation around as easily as you can yank the heartstrings of the most easily swayed majority you can drum up. Minorities are not protected by mobs — they are eaten. That’s why we are a nation of laws… not emotional appeals.

So when a long-standing opinion of an entire nation falls ‘out of fashion’, it cannot easily be destroyed just because an Activist generation of educators, media, politicians, and starlets chooses to ignore history and throw their voices behind ignorant rants and heavy-handed personality politics.

You have been warned for over 200 years that this is the behavior to expect when there isn’t a barrier to such destruction — but if you choose to believe that the Founding Fathers wrote and signed our Documents with no history of their own to draw upon, you MIGHT actually believe that is was them that were ignorant. But you wouldn’t just be wrong — you’d be an ‘enemy domestic’. Choose to support our Constitution, or leave. ‘Conquering’ it makes you an adversary who has no righteous place within our borders.

Answering Evil: Wresting the Conversation Away from Leftist Rage — Stand Your Ground vs. Duty to Flee

[Ed. Note: This was first published on 7/16/13; I’m bringing it forward to join a conversation about the Left’s ability to hijack our culture by perverting our language and distorting the truth…]

Imagine that you are somewhere (not at home) with your kids, and someone decides to do you harm. Maybe they thought you were the person who cut them off in traffic… maybe you WERE the person… and they have a lead pipe/knife/candlestick/rope/etc. and it’s CLEAR that you are in mortal danger.

So, you defend yourself with the firearm (that you are legally carrying) and the judge says sure, you have the right to defend yourself — but you first had a ‘duty to flee’… a choice that courts often considered to be a requirement before lethal force should be allowed.

Since you didn’t run away (leaving your children behind with the raging threat), you didn’t really have a right to defend yourself with lethal force. If you had, and he chased you, well then fine… but since you didn’t, you’re going to jail.

This actually happened… OFTEN… and is the reason most states now have so-called ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws. Eager and ruthless District Attorneys saw victims as potential notches on their belts, and treated them as criminals — until the laws were rewritten to prevent it. The rights of the attacker were seen as more socially relevant than the rights of your family members to be defended from his violent onslaught — fighting back made the victim ‘a bad guy too’.

But if you have EVER been the daily target of a schoolyard bully, and were told by any authority you complained to that it was your responsibility to ‘just stay away from them’ — you understand how ridiculous ‘duty to flee’ was.

China Meat Cleaver Attack

George Zimmerman, who was prosecuted by the Media in the public eye as having ‘abused’ ‘stand your ground’ when he shot the person who was bashing his head repeatedly on the concrete — was not in a position DECIDE whether to flee or fight… but the Media ran with this concept for months.

It would probably be a surprise to most people who know the names of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin to be informed that NEITHER THE DEFENSE, NOR THE PROSECUTION EVER CLAIMED OR CONSIDERED Stand Your Ground in their arguments — it was not offered to the jury as a reason for or against Zimmerman’s actions. Because he never had a choice to flee, beginning at the point where he realized he was in danger. His choices at that point included either to fight back or die. But the media wanted to use the death of Trayvon Martin to kill ‘Stand Your Ground’.

Why? You should be asking Why?

LINK: “Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law and Self-Defense” (BlakeDorstenLaw.com)
LINK: “Self-Defense Shooting and Disparate Force” (USACarry.com)
LINK: “The Three Headed Monster: Defending a Disparity of Force Shooting” [PDF] (OSTTI.com)
LINK: “You can legally defend yourself with a gun if the situation includes these 3 elements” (SecondCallDefense.org)
LINK: “Mayor Bloomberg: End ‘shoot-first’ laws” (Politico.com)
LINK: “Stevie Wonder Boycotting Florida Following Zimmerman Verdict: singer refuses to perform in the state until its Stand Your Ground law is ‘abolished'” (HollywoodReporter.com)
LINK: “What the prosecutors said about Florida’s Stand Your Ground law” (JohnrLott.blogspot.com)
LINK: “Media Matters, ‘Stand Your Ground’ and me” (FoxNews.com)

Saul Alinsky was…

RulesForRadicalsCOVER[I’m posting this here so I can find it later… was just very impressed with myself that I answered someone’s comment on Facebook in such a succinct manner (on my phone, even); those of you who have labored through my writings over the years know that ‘succinct’ is a struggle for me.]

Saul Alinsky was a smart guy who in the ’60s published a book outlining his method for activists to affect change through disruption. Their method usually centers on personality attacks and turning your opponents’ morals into their own liabilities. Mocking isn’t impolite or a character flaw; it’s a skill that should be perfected (according to Alinsky). Hillary wrote her major thesis on how much she admired him, and Obama’s ‘fame’ as a ‘Community Organizer’ came from his mastery of those techniques — his mentor, ‘Frank‘, who he writes about in his book, was an Alinsky prodigy himself, so our President wasn’t just a good reader. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0679721134/

LINK: Frank Marshall Davis Bio (obamasrealfather.com)
LINK: What Did Obama Do As A Community Organizer? (nationalreview.com)
LINK: “There is Only The Fight” – An Analysis of the Alinsky Model, by Hillary D. Rodham 1969 (PDF 8Mb)
LINK: The Hillary Letters: Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky correspondence revealed (freebeacon.com)
LINK: Hillary Rodham Clinton senior thesis (wikipedia.org)

Answering Evil: Wresting the Conversation Away from Leftist Rage — Pence and Funerals

What makes politics so difficult for #TheRestOfUs, and easy for the #Elites that enjoy running everyone else’s lives (Politicians, Media, #ProfessionalActivists, #SocialEngineers) — is aggressive and amoral ‘messaging’.

I decided that one at a time, I’d grab one of the ‪#‎HorribleThings‬ that are ‘commonly known’ about an issue or politician, and go find out #WhatUsedToBeTrue before the propaganda.

So today, I’m starting with the headlines I’m seeing tweeted OVER AND OVER that Pence made mothers pay for the burial of their miscarried or aborted fetuses.


“State-Mandated Mourning for Aborted Fetuses” (theatlantic.com)

“Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a law this year that mandated funerals for fetuses” (Vox.com)

“Insulting New Abortion Law Forces Women to Pay for Fetus Funerals” (Vice.com)

“State-Mandated Mourning for Aborted Fetuses” (richarddawkins.net)

“Pence Signed a Law Requiring Burial or Cremation for Aborted Fetuses” (motherjones.com)

Sounds pretty heartless, doesn’t it? Well it only took me two minutes to find an article that wasn’t written by Pence-haters (though I had to wade past about two dozen parroting the same copy-and-pasted propaganda first), and here is #WhatActuallyHappened:

“The aborted fetal remains bill (SEA 329), establishes rules as to how abortion facilities must dispose of aborted babies and allows the pregnant woman to choose a different method at her own expense (i.e. burial). As testimony revealed, the Indianapolis Planned Parenthood facility was disposing of aborted babies down a drain into the sewer system, the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) implemented emergency disposal rules on July 1.” http://www.lifenews.com/2015/08/10/indiana-gov-mike-pence-signs-bill-mandating-aborted-babies-must-be-buried-or-cremated/

The CHANGE was not that the woman would now be required to pay for the disposal of her infant… it was that she now has the CHOICE to do so — by law. Until then, a murdered or lost child could be treated like leftover fried chicken by the medical ‘professionals’.

Here’s the description from the Indiana General Assembly web site:

Disposition of aborted remains. Defines “fetus”. Establishes a right, beginning January 1, 2016, for a pregnant woman who has an abortion to determine the final disposition of the aborted fetus. Requires that a pregnant woman be informed orally and in writing before an abortion: (1) that the pregnant woman has a right to determine the final disposition of the remains of the aborted fetus; (2) of available options for disposition of the aborted fetus; and (3) of available counseling services. Requires the state department of health to: (1) adopt rules concerning the disposal methods to be used for aborted fetuses; and (2) develop the forms for certain information that is to be provided to the pregnant woman.” –https://iga.in.gov/legislative/2015/bills/senate/329

Does that sound like a woman was GIVEN A RIGHT TO CHOOSE, or does that sound like a woman is being ‘forced to pay for burial’ (as the news stories portrayed)?

So, now that you’ve heard a version of the story that was not #SculptedByTheLeft, is Pence the #Evil now, or was #PlannedParenthood? Regardless of your opinion on this heart-heavy and contentious subject — would you have preferred to know the facts, and then made your own decisions; or are you happy trusting the Media to drive ‘knowledge’ the way they do?


Adulting at a Traffic Stop

This is what I was taught before I was even old enough to drive… and today I see people think that think this situation is where they prove their manhood by arguing with the cop that’s pulled them over.

Please, put away the testosterone and do something smart for the 15 minutes that you and the officer are interacting. You can amp it back up and tell your buddies how you told him what-for LATER… but for THIS 15 MINUTES, be the smart guy. Be the polite guy.

Traffic stops are not the time for pissing contests.

Too many accidents can happen; the person in uniform is having to worry about you AND not being hit by a passing car — so go OUT OF YOUR WAY to make it easier than it has to be. That’s being a adult. #NoMoreDeaths

Kevin Jackson speaks on Dallas cop shooting

Kevin is a well-informed, level head. (Disclaimer: I’ve bought at least one of his books, so you could call me a fan…)

The point that people should be arriving at (why does it take so long?) is that the messaging is DESIGNED to ramp up rage and violence… not stem the tide. We should be asking WHY, and we should be turning away from those influences. Will we?

LINK: The Blacksphere (Facebook.com)
LINK: The Blacksphere (theblacksphere.net)
LINK: The Blacksphere (plus.google.com)
LINK: The Blacksphere (twitter.com)
LINK: The Blacksphere (YouTube.com)

You can dislike me. You can hate me. You don’t get to define me.


Yeah, I saw that video the other day and a little cheer went up. Awesome message. But the post, and it’s title, above, I’ll say I found REALLY offensive (the author even admits he thinks and has written contrary to Cena’s message).

Why? Why is it necessary to completely sidestep what we know in our heads, with the rage that is in our hearts?

I know a lot of people will read this with the prejudices that are common about Conservatives (the real reason I got a little miffed even before clicking through) — why does the Left get to define what a Conservative is? Do Conservatives get to define what their ideological opponents are, or how they are motivated?

No. Not that we don’t try — as humans, it’s difficult not to play the game when so many people benefit from discord. But to lump in the #Conservative label with #Bigoted is an ideological leap… that is going to tear down, not build up, us as a nation.

I would really like to know what a #Liberal chooses to define themselves by — so far, all I have been able to find are arguments about why people on the Left disagree with their *perspective* of people on the Right. “I think [this] because I believe somebody else believes [that].” That is not a self-definition. Anyone?

For clarity, here is my best attempt at explaining what a modern American Conservative really is:

What We Believe – Bill Whittle

We are led, now, by people who have made a science out of discord, hate — even engineered rage. They are our university professors, our politicians, our news media, our Hollywood icons. Their amoral feasting upon the decimation of anything good serves them and them alone… yet we continue to refer to them as our ‘leaders’.

Why? Is it because we simply can’t find anyone else to be inspired by? That would indeed be a famine.

It’ time to stop being inspired by those who disrupt for fun and profit — and start looking to those who can, and do, build.

Paul Harvey – If I Were The Devil (How to Destroy America) (transcripted text)

A Little Humidity

When it rains, I can hear the shape of things around me.
When it rains, I know where I am, and the division between the inside and the outside.
When it rains, I know it’s less likely that someone is breaking into my car again.
When it rains, the world is on ‘pause’ and it’s OK that we have to wait a moment before heading back out.

When it rains, I feel the breath of scrubbed pavement and flowing scraps of grass and gravel.
When it rains, I know the morning will be moist and clean; muddy and growing.
When it rains, I know that there is a calm order to the world, and us.
When it rains, I remember that we’re just living here on this rock, not running it.

When it rains, I feel God shining down on us from just above the clouds.
When it rains, I remember His promise to wash, not drown, all of Creation.
When it rains, I breathe in the scents of all that was buried by the to-and-fro of shoes and feet
When it rains, a blanket covers me and wraps my pain tightly like a hug I know but can’t remember.

I love the rain.


Don’t like to be raped? Just tell them you don’t like it. -Our Leftist Betters

When I was in elementary school (and junior high), I was picked on a lot by other kids (I know, right?). Instead of fighting back (a skill and ideology that I did not adopt until near the end of high school), I dutifully went to my teachers to, well, beg for protection.

I got beat up a lot.

The teachers would just stand out there on the playground, smoke their cigarettes, and chat with each other as if we were a great big television show that they were not in charge of.

Their response? “Well if they’re bothering you then just stay away from them.” It took me a lot of years to process the disillusionment from having been so abandoned by those responsible for my safety. The point is, they actually thought that advice was ‘common sense‘.

The idea that a tormentor would FOLLOW A VICTIM was beyond their comprehension.

The same idiocy was adhered to in United States case law for decades, where if you were in physical danger and had the ability to move your feet, you were expected to ‘leave the area’ rather than defend yourself. Dozens of cases were tried in which victims ended up being prosecuted because they did not properly observe their ‘duty to flee’. In many of these cases, fleeing would have left others — like their own children — behind to be harmed — in most, the attackers would have had no reason not to pursue their victims no matter how much running away occurred. But Prosecutors abused this logic so much for so long that we now have Stand Your Ground laws… that make clear it is not the responsibility of the victim to surrender — but rather to survive.

The idea that a tormentor would FOLLOW A VICTIM was beyond their comprehension.

“What alternative outcome would the opponents of Stand-Your-Ground desire? That the defending victim of the aggressor be the one that was killed? Or perhaps merely maimed? Raped, Beaten down?” – Stand Your Ground: The ‘New’ Self-Defense Doctrine That’s 136 Years Young (legalinsurrection.com)

The Left mocks these Stand Your Ground laws in a (mostly successful) attempt to make the public ignorant of their function.

“You hear that sentiment expressed by the anti-Stand-Your-Ground folks today. Listen to the pro-thug faction talking about the Zimmerman case and you’ll soon hear someone lament that poor George should have exhausted his brains on the sidewalk before being justified to use deadly force to stop Martin’s vicious attack. After all, it was just an “ass-whuppin.'”

Now, we are seeing the same idiocy repeated to rape victims… they should run away, piss themselves, throw up, or announce that they have an STD.

The idea that a tormentor would IGNORE A VICTIM’S PROTESTS is beyond their comprehension.

According to our ‘betters’, no one should be allowed to believe that SHOOTING A RAPIST is a socially acceptable or morally justifiable action. But, it is.


Some Crazy Engineers Put Something Special RIGHT IN YOUR PATH, JUST FOR YOU!


Yep. So VERY TIRED of going to see managers at restaurants to explain that I will NEVER BE BACK after witnessing an employee take a MESSY DUMP in the bathroom and then run straight back to service in the kitchen WITHOUT WASHING THEIR HANDS. #WhereAreTheParents

If you were raised right, this act would HORRIFY you such that it would never occur to you to leave a bathroom without washing EVEN IF IT WERE ON FIRE.


“I didn’t need 45 rounds per minute…” #Journalism replaced by #Activism

So there’s this guy, who doesn’t mind throwing his name out there as a liar — who posted this ‘account’ of a recent visit to a gun store. So long as people like this find ‘messaging’ to be a better option than ‘truth’, those who are easily led by the nose are going to continue to be trained as future generations of hoplophobes. (I’m not linking to his post — would rather he not get the traffic. But I found the post on Google using just his name; so if you’re driven to go make friends, be my guest. But understand that going to harass this guy is not going to change his mind — he’s a typical Leftist who is only interested in bending minds to match his… facts and experience have no bearing on his agenda; and he already knows people dislike him… from other things he’s been involved in, I think he relishes the opportunity to piss people off, and counts it as a victory when people express their distaste for his views — so don’t feel the need to go stoke the fire.)

Buckley Jeppson
June 14 at 8:18pm · Portland, OR

Today I went to my local gun store (US Guns, 9063 SW Barbur Blvd.) to ask about AR-15 guns. I didn’t go in to berate, but to try to understand why a store would sell such weapons. The two young guys in the store were understandably jittery but tried to answer my questions.

ME: I’m trying to learn more about the AR-15 and why an ordinary citizen would want one. I already know that the AR does not stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle” but for ArmaLite, the company that developed it.

CLERK at US Guns: Most people use them to shoot cans and stuff.

ME: You’d have to be a very bad shot to need that kind of gun to shoot cans. I did just fine with my BB gun and my dad’s 30-06 deer hunting rifle. I didn’t need 45 rounds per minute.

CLERK #2: They are good for shooting coyotes and ground hogs because those little suckers really move fast.

ME: It seems that the AR rifles are nearly all you have here, except for the hand guns.

CLERK: Yes, they are our most popular.

ME: But surely everyone isn’t buying them to hunt coyotes, ground hogs, and tin cans.

CLERK #2: They are good for wild pigs in Texas. They’re a real problem in some parts there.

ME: But we don’t have wild pigs in Portland. Why do people in Portland buy these types of guns?

CLERK: Well, some are for protecting their families and property.

ME: Protecting them from whom?

CLERK: I don’t know, that’s just what they say.

ME: Have you ever had someone you love killed by a gun, and I don’t mean while hunting rabbits?


ME: I have. You are young, and the older you get the more likely you are to lose a loved one. Whether you think they are killed by a gun or a person you will discover they are dead. What would happen if you stopped selling AR rifles?

BOTH CLERKS: We’d be out of business.

ME: So it’s about the money.

CLERK: Yeah.

ME: I ask you to reconsider and to stop selling these guns. Thank you.

And I left. But wait, there’s more:

Part II
As I headed to my car I was approached by a guy who was in the store and followed me out.

GUY: They are lying. They sell the guns to people to protect themselves when “they” come?

ME: Who is “they,” zombies?

GUY: Yeah, that and all the others who might try to steal your food after an earthquake or take your guns or imprison your family members.

ME: Is that something that really concerns you?

GUY: Yeah, with the way the country has been going the last 7 years. . .

ME: You mean since we got a black president?

GUY: Well, not just that but look at all the Muslims and immigrants streaming across the border to get us. I have six ARs, and plenty of ammunition.

ME: But you can only shoot one gun at a time.

GUY: But I bet I feel lots safer than you do.

ME: No, I’m not afraid of hoards of zombies, Blacks, Mexicans, or Muslims coming after me and my family. I’m more afraid of going out dancing, or to church, or the movies, or school.

GUY: Nah, those are pretty safe places.

I drove away proud that I hadn’t screamed at anyone, but just asked questions, hoping I would learn something. I did, and it made me cry a bit as I drove home.

I thought of my friend John, a husband and father, who was depressed about school and couldn’t buy beer in Utah because it was Sunday, so he bought a gun and shot himself.

I thought of my daughter, who wanted to clean the carpets but was turned away because she was wasn’t old enough to rent a Rug Doctor. But she was old enough to have bought a gun if she wanted.

There is something very wrong here and the only way it will get fixed is if we all get off our butts and do something about it. Everyone start by finding your neighborhood gun store and go in and ask questions. Challenge them a bit to think about it and to come clean with the real reasons for these guns. It has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. It has to do with the money they make from paranoid people, made even more paranoid by the NRA. We all have a gun story. Tell them your story and ask them to stop selling AR guns. They probably won’t, but you will have made them think about it.

And the rebuttal, from a polite, but righteously annoyed capitalist (whom I’m betting the poster above is banking on not having the same publishing reach for an effective rebuttal):

US Guns, LLC
June 17 at 6:00pm

Good Day to Everyone,

We are aware of the Facebook post put forth from Buckley Jeppson, that post has since now been removed but the spark of debate is has started has remained. Before we begin to cover our version of events we must implore everyone to not turn this into a forum used to attack or slander anyone’s political, religious, or ideological views we have to be above that kind of behavior.

Mr. Jeppson did visit our establishment on 06/14/2016 at approximately 12:38 PM he then left at 12:44pm. During his time in our establishment he did enquirer about the assault rifles on our wall. Our employees responded that by strict military definition we had no assault rifles. From there he asked what practical hunting use these firearms served, refusing to accept they might have one. Our employees gave numerous examples how they could fit within the parameters of his question whether varmint or modifying the system with a different barrel, caliber, and magazine capacity to comply with local fish and game regulations for a hunting purpose. Mr, Jeppsons response was the belief that people in Portland had no use of any firearm within that capacity.

Beyond these initial similarities Mr. Jeppson’s account of the situation is a fabrication. Both the employees working at the time are Veterans who served multiple deployments overseas and have both experienced the loss of a comrade due to gun fire. It is Mr. Jeppsons lie that our employees said we do not know this experience that offends us deeply. It is also an outright fabrication when Mr. Jeppson claimed the AR-15 is our best selling product and without that product we would go out of business, we sell much more than the AR-15 pattern rifle and it represents a small market share of our overall business.

One last point we feel the need to address is the customer who rushed out after Mr. Jeppson to engage him in conversation. While we have no definitive proof that this did not occur out in the parking lot, after review of our own security footage we can say that no customer stormed out from our store after Mr. Jeppson. Only one customer was in the establishment at the same time as Mr. Jeppson and left approximately 6-7 minutes after Mr. Jeppson’s departure. If such an exchange did in fact occur it was some other individual and not a customer from our establishment. We are working how to disseminate this footage.

We once again implore calm heads in this situation, do not rush to conclusions nor turn this into a personal attack.

US Guns, LLC.

UPDATE 06/17/2016 3:51 PM – We Have been informed the original post is back up.

Happy Independence Day, America

There’s an old joke that goes like this:

QUESTION: “Do they have the Fourth of July in England?”

ANSWER: “Of course, they do, silly — it’s right after the Third of July and before the Fifth of July!”

We aren’t celebrating a date on the calendar. We’re celebrating the forming of a nation in a deliberate fashion — for which men died to make an attempt at righting wrongs and building something for the long haul.

Please share this with your friends and family as we enjoy this three-day weekend, most of us being too young or too detached to know the history, the lives, the hearts, the fervor, the blessings that made this country possible.

You may not pray; but you might still count yourself thankful that these men stood for a free world — and that, beginning with the formation of this free country, started a place where free men could raise their children, their ideals, and their hopes to spread from there to the rest of the world.

If you have been raised to believe that there is nothing ‘great’ about this country, it is a famine caused by broken hearts, not truth, that brings you that ideal.

This nation was born on the backs of good men, and has lasted this long on the dreams of generations who hope to see it continue. Those working so very hard to dismantle it are not working for Good — no matter how much they may grind to impress you that destroying it is a way ‪#‎Forward‬.

You are a highly-valued. By both Evil and Good.

I know marriages, and individuals, and church congregations who have spun in tight little circles for decades, toiling under the burdens that Satan laid on their shoulders — because they did not know how to put it all down, and rest, knowing that Jesus Christ has already paid off their debts. When sin continues, it does not fade away… it works its way into your daily purpose… that of hiding, lying, misguiding, mistreating — all in a vain attempt at self-preservation under the yoke of guilt.

Here’s a hot tip: You can’t save yourself. Under your own power, you can go nowhere but the grave.

But stop, and turn, and look into the eyes of Him who knows where you’ve been, who you are, and what you’ve done — and taken all of you in both His hands in an embrace stronger than your efforts to protest. You only have to give up… give in… give it all to Him… the burden that you aren’t, and can never be, perfect in your own eyes, in Satan’s, or in God’s. But you weren’t created to be perfect — you were created to be perfected by His Grace and Mercy; not by any want or action of your own.

You are a child of the Almighty Creator, and that specifically is all the reason that the Enemy needs to string you along with lies throughout your whole life. But your lineage is also all Jesus needs to take your name to His Father, and say with a smile, “Look at this little one, who is so frail and yet has so much potential, and is so in need of Our love…” Our hearts do not heal by being left alone — time does not heal all wounds. He does.