You are a highly-valued. By both Evil and Good.

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I know marriages, and individuals, and church congregations who have spun in tight little circles for decades, toiling under the burdens that Satan laid on their shoulders — because they did not know how to put it all down, and rest, knowing that Jesus Christ has already paid off their debts. When sin continues, it does not fade away… it works its way into your daily purpose… that of hiding, lying, misguiding, mistreating — all in a vain attempt at self-preservation under the yoke of guilt.

Here’s a hot tip: You can’t save yourself. Under your own power, you can go nowhere but the grave.

But stop, and turn, and look into the eyes of Him who knows where you’ve been, who you are, and what you’ve done — and taken all of you in both His hands in an embrace stronger than your efforts to protest. You only have to give up… give in… give it all to Him… the burden that you aren’t, and can never be, perfect in your own eyes, in Satan’s, or in God’s. But you weren’t created to be perfect — you were created to be perfected by His Grace and Mercy; not by any want or action of your own.

You are a child of the Almighty Creator, and that specifically is all the reason that the Enemy needs to string you along with lies throughout your whole life. But your lineage is also all Jesus needs to take your name to His Father, and say with a smile, “Look at this little one, who is so frail and yet has so much potential, and is so in need of Our love…” Our hearts do not heal by being left alone — time does not heal all wounds. He does.

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